Joe Budden Podcast Weighs In on Drake's Attempt to Silence Beef Talk, Reviews "Taylor Made Freestyle"

Joe Budden Addresses Rumors of Drake's Attempt to Exclude Podcast from Beef Discussion

Joe Budden Reacts to Drake's "Taylor Made Freestyle" with AI Tupac and Snoop Dogg Verses
The rap community is currently engulfed in a heated feud, and one person relishing every moment of it is Joe Budden. The former rapper turned podcaster has been actively engaging in discussions and sharing his insights on the ongoing conflict.

In a recent episode of the Joe Budden podcast, the New York native appeared visibly excited to be back in the studio. 

However, before diving into the latest diss tracks, the panel addressed rumors suggesting that Drake was attempting to box them out from the beef conversation.
You can’t box us in, I just don’t come in earlier because I know Drake listens to us more than Kendrick does.

- Joe Budden

Although Drake's "Taylor Made Freestyle" dropped on a Friday, preventing an immediate reaction, Budden clarified that they would promptly respond if the diss warranted it. 

Joe Budden Reacts to Drake's "Taylor Made Freestyle" and Its Impact on Hip-Hop Beef

However, they opted to wait until their scheduled recording session to share their thoughts. Budden humorously added that "Drake listens to [him] more than Kendrick does," suggesting their relevance in the discussion.

Once they delved into the freestyle, Budden and his crew expressed admiration for it. They particularly enjoyed the incorporation of AI-generated verses from hip-hop legends Snoop Dogg and Tupac.

Praising the production, Budden even commended Drake as a "genius" for the track, indicating his strategic taunting of Kendrick Lamar.

Despite the playful jabs, the podcast crew acknowledged Drake's readiness to unleash serious lyrical "venom" once Lamar responds to the taunts. 

The Joe Budden podcast offers a unique and insightful perspective on the ongoing rap feud. With their characteristic wit and analysis, Budden and his crew provide valuable commentary on the evolving dynamics within the hip-hop community.

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