Kanye West Claims Drake Has a 'Rich Baby Daddy'

Kanye West Stirs Up Drama, Claims Drake Has a 'Rich Baby Daddy'

Kanye West Claims Drake's "Rich Baby Daddy" in Fiery Podcast Interview
Kanye West has once again ignited the flames of his ongoing feud with Drake, this time with a bold claim suggesting that the Canadian rapper has a "rich baby daddy." 

The remark, made in reference to Drake's collaboration with Se*yy Red and SZA, implicates British record executive Sir Lucian Grainge as the alleged wealthy father figure.
Sir Lucian Grainge serves as the CEO of Universal Music Group, a powerhouse in the music industry responsible for nurturing talents like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and even Kanye himself. 

West's assertion, voiced during an interview with Justin Laboy on The Download podcast, suggests that Drake's $400 million deal with Universal Music Group may have come at the cost of his integrity.

According to Kanye, Drake's relationship with Grainge and Universal Music Group grants him access to significant resources and industry influence. 

He insinuates that Drake's association with such powerful figures has elevated his status in the music world, albeit at the expense of his artistic autonomy and spiritual integrity.
Drake has a rich baby daddy named Lucian and Universal. He’s like, ‘Man, my daddy got it!’ You know what I’m saying? ‘My daddy control the spins! My daddy got the DSPs!’ Drake has a rich baby daddy. Lucian work for the people who control the banks in Africa.

- Ye

Kanye West Unveils Shocking Revelation: Drake's 'Rich Baby Daddy' Revealed:

Moreover, West hinted at the celestial origins of his discord with Drake, suggesting a deeper, metaphysical rift between them. He implied that Drake's actions, perhaps symbolized by his collaboration with Universal, represent a betrayal of their once seemingly reconciled relationship.

In addition to delving into the intricacies of his feud with Drake, West also discussed the genesis of his "Like That (Remix)" and the broader context of the ongoing rap rivalry. 

Describing it as "the elimination of Drake," West emphasized the widespread anticipation surrounding the track and its perceived impact on the rap landscape.

The song itself, which features West aligning with Kendrick Lamar against Drake and J. Cole, delivers a scathing critique of his adversaries. West's lyrics paint a picture of disdain for Drake and Cole, positioning himself and Lamar as superior forces in the ongoing rap war.

As tensions continue to simmer between Kanye West and Drake, the rap world eagerly awaits the next chapter in their contentious relationship, fueled by verbal jabs and artistic rivalry.

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