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The Story Behind The Kanye West and J. Cole Feud

Kanye West vs. J. Cole: Exploring the Epic Rap Feud Shaking Up the Hip-Hop World

Kanye West vs. J. Cole: A Deep Dive into the Hip-Hop Feud

The rap feud between Kanye West and J. Cole has taken the hip-hop world by storm, adding a new dimension to the ongoing saga of rap beefs. 

What started as a dispute between Kendrick Lamar and Drake has now evolved into a heated confrontation between two heavyweight MCs, Kanye and Cole.

The Genesis of the Feud:

The feud escalated when J. Cole dropped his diss track '7 Minute Drill', aimed squarely at Kendrick Lamar. 

However, Cole quickly backtracked and publicly apologized for the song, deeming it "the lamest sh*t I did in my f*ckin’ life". While opinions on Cole's apology varied, it was Kanye West's response that truly ignited the feud.

Kanye's Reaction:

During an appearance on The Download podcast, Kanye didn't mince words when asked about J. Cole's apology. 

With his characteristic intensity, Kanye dismissed Cole's backtrack as "p*ssy sh*t", asserting that "you can’t run now". He also revealed his awareness of Cole's song 'False Prophets', which takes aim at Kanye's ego and artistic direction.

Ye gives his thoughts on JCole apologizing to Kendrick Lamar:

The 'Like That' Remix:

Following what Kanye perceived as disrespect from Cole, he collaborated with Future on a 'Like That' remix, firing direct shots at Cole and Drake. 

However, the remix was swiftly removed from YouTube due to copyright issues, intensifying the feud between the two camps. Now, it's back online again.

Where's Lucian? Serve your master, n-a You caught a little bag for your masters, didn't ya? Lifetime deal, I feel bad for n-as (Bad for n-as) Y'all so outta sight, outta mind I can't even think of a Drake line Play J. Cole, get the p*ssy dry Play this sh*t back a hundred-thirty times.

- Ye On "Like That Remix"


Joe Budden's Intervention:

Joe Budden, known for his candid commentary on hip-hop culture, weighed in on the beef during his podcast. 

He suggested that now is the perfect opportunity for Cole to retaliate against Kanye, given his recent comments. 

Budden emphasized the significance of Cole targeting Kanye, given their history of tension and Kanye's conflicts with Jay-Z, Cole's mentor.
I told y’all that J. Cole was gon’ have to find somebody to kick his ass and it couldn’t be nobody chump and small. There is no better person than Kanye, the n***a that you been had smoke with, the n***a that been had smoke with your OG HOV, who’s now on a record saying some shit about you. I know that you’re home with the sage. You’re saging yourself. I know that this beef shit is not in your spirit but if you were to wake up one day in a different mood, now’s the time. Kill him. Kill him. Make an example out of this non-rapping n***a. It’ll be easy too.

- Joe Budden

Joe Budden Thinks J. Cole Should Diss Ye:

The Significance of the Feud:

The beef between Kanye West and J. Cole has captured the attention of fans and critics alike, adding a new layer of intrigue to the rap landscape. 

As tensions continue to simmer, the rap world eagerly awaits the next move from both artists, with speculation rife about how the feud will unfold in the coming days.

In the world of hip-hop, feuds like the one between Kanye West and J. Cole serve as a reminder of the genre's competitive spirit and the power of lyrical warfare. 

As the feud continues to unfold, one thing is certain: the eyes of the rap world will remain firmly fixed on Kanye and Cole, awaiting their next moves with bated breath.

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