Kanye West Reflects on Lil Durk's Yeezy Diss, Claims It Broke His Heart: "He Must Have Never Liked Me"

Ye Opens Up About Lil Durk's Unreleased Diss and Their Falling Out

Kanye West Reveals Heartache Over Lil Durk's Diss Track in New Interview
Kanye West's recent appearance on Justin LaBoy's The Download podcast was filled with surprising revelations, but perhaps none more unexpected than his disclosure about his falling out with fellow rapper Lil Durk. 

While the interview covered a range of topics from music to personal matters, Kanye's comments about his strained relationship with Durk caught many fans off guard.

According to Kanye, the rift between him and Lil Durk stemmed from a verse the latter submitted for a collaboration. Kanye claimed that Durk included lyrics instructing to use his Yeezy shirt as a doormat, which deeply upset the Yeezy mogul. 
Kanye expressed his disappointment, questioning who prompted Durk to include such disrespectful lyrics and lamenting the negative impact it could have on their hometown of Chicago.
Durk sent in a verse and he said, ‘Take my Yeezy shirt off and make it a doormat. He said it four times. I hit him up and said, ‘You’re breaking my heart. Who told you to do this?’ I’m like, ‘Man, this is bad for the city. Who told you to do this?’ It’s like when J. Cole did the diss track or whatever. You got Drake, he’s really paid to come at my neck. But it’s another thing for somebody like that to come around you. It’s the whole friends [and] enemies talk.

- Ye

Watch: Kanye West Speaks on Lil Durk's Yeezy Diss

Furthermore, Kanye revealed that he had multiple conversations with Lil Durk about the offending lyrics but was met with a revised version that still didn't sit well with him. 

Kanye's remarks suggest a sense of betrayal and confusion, as he questioned whether Durk harbored genuine animosity towards him all along.

The situation between Kanye and Lil Durk appears to have escalated beyond just lyrical disagreements. Kanye's social media posts have hinted at his frustration with Durk, especially regarding Drake's involvement with the VULTURES project. 

And it’s F**k Drake for taking Durk right at the beginning of the Vultures role [sic] out I’ll come back to yall if I think of more f**k you’s.

- Ye

This tension may have also led to both artists removing each other's contributions from their recent albums, indicating a deeper rift beyond creative differences.

While Kanye's revelations about his fallout with Lil Durk may come as a surprise to some, they shed light on the complexities of relationships within the music industry. 

As both artists navigate their respective careers, their public spat serves as a reminder of the challenges and conflicts that can arise in the competitive world of hip-hop.

Kanye West's candid discussion about his falling out with Lil Durk offers insight into the dynamics of the rap scene and underscores the importance of communication and mutual respect in collaborations.

Whether the two will reconcile their differences remains to be seen, but their feud highlights the highs and lows of the music industry.

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