Kodak Black Reacts to Fan's Comparison to Diddy with Controversial Remark: “Might Kill Me A Kid But I Ain’t Raping”

Kodak Black's Troubling Response to Fan's Comparison to Diddy Sparks Controversy

Kodak Black's Controversial Remarks on Instagram Live Spark Outrage and Criticism
Kodak Black's controversial remarks during an Instagram Live session with streamer Adin Ross have sparked outrage and criticism from fans and the public alike.

During the live chat, a fan compared Kodak Black to Diddy, referring to him as the "Florida Diddy." However, Kodak's response to the comparison was far from gracious. In a video circulating online, Kodak vehemently rejected the comparison, stating:
B***h you got me f**ked up. No Diddy. Take that. Take it. I'll smack me a elderly b***h. I might k*ll me a kid, but I ain't raping. I might k*ll me a baby, but I ain't r*p*ng.

- Kodak Black

Kodak Black's Disturbing Reaction to Fan's Diddy Comparison Raises Eyebrows

Kodak's comments come at a sensitive time, as Diddy has recently been embroiled in legal controversies involving multiple se*ual assa*lt lawsuits and a reported se* trafficking investigation. While Kodak's remarks may have been intended to distance himself from the comparison to Diddy, his choice of words has drawn significant backlash.

What makes Kodak's comments particularly contentious is his own history with se*ual assault allegations. In 2016, Kodak Black was charged with first-degree criminal se*ual conduct related to an incident involving a 15-year-old girl in a South Carolina hotel room. Despite maintaining his innocence, Kodak's legal troubles persisted, and in 2021, he pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and battery, resulting in an 18-month probation sentence.

Given Kodak Black's past legal troubles and the seriousness of the issues surrounding assa*lt and violence, his remarks have been met with widespread condemnation. Many have criticized Kodak for his insensitive and inappropriate comments, especially considering the gravity of the topic at hand.

In light of the controversy, Kodak Black has yet to address or clarify his comments. However, the backlash serves as a reminder of the importance of accountability and sensitivity when discussing such sensitive and serious matters within the rap and hip-hop community.

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