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Latto Names Her Top Three Female Rappers: Surprising Choice of "Shawty" Raises Eyebrows Among Fans

Latto Sparks Speculation with Choice of 'Shawty' as Top Female Rapper
Latto's recent revelation about her top three female rappers has stirred up speculation and discussion among fans, especially regarding her choice of 'Shawty.' During an interview with The Morning Hustle's Lore'l, Latto was asked to name her top three female rappers of all time. While she initially mentioned iconic names like Lil Kim and Left Eye, her inclusion of 'Shawty' left many puzzled.
My top 3 female rappers of all time dead or alive? Okay – Kim, gotta say Kim. Wait, my favorite? Or the best? I’ma say the best. I’ma say Kim. Gotta say Kim. I’ma say Left Eye. Rest in peace Left Eye. And Shawty

- Latto

As the clip of the interview circulated online, fans were quick to interpret 'Shawty' as a veiled reference to Nicki Minaj. Some pointed out the history of tension between Latto and Minaj, dating back to a Twitter exchange in 2022. The feud erupted over the categorization of their music by the Grammys, with Latto's track "Big Energy" being labeled pop instead of rap, unlike Minaj's "Super Freaky Girl."

Latto's Surprising Choice for Top Female Rappers Leaves Fans Puzzled:

Despite the past animosity, some fans viewed Latto's nod to 'Shawty' as a sign of maturity and respect, acknowledging Minaj's influence despite their differences. Others speculated that Latto intentionally avoided directly mentioning Minaj's name due to their strained relationship.

In response to the online chatter, Latto added fuel to the fire by sharing a song titled "Shawty" by Plies featuring T Pain on her social media, further fueling speculation about her intended reference.

Since the 2022 spat, relations between Latto and Nicki Minaj have remained frosty. Earlier this year, Latto seemingly threw a subtle jab at Minaj on her collaboration with Anycia, titled "Back Outside."

The speculation surrounding Latto's choice of 'Shawty' as one of her top female rappers underscores the ongoing intrigue and drama within the hip-hop community. As fans dissect Latto's words and actions, it's clear that the dynamic between artists continues to captivate audiences and fuel discussions both online and offline.

In the ever-evolving landscape of rap music, controversies and rivalries add layers of complexity, but they also highlight the passion and dedication of fans who eagerly follow every twist and turn in the ongoing saga of hip-hop culture.

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