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Latto Admits That Andre 3000 Is Her Dream Collaboration

Latto's Rise: From Spotify History to Dreaming of André 3000 Collaboration.
Latto, currently at the Top of her career, achieved a significant milestone with the Spotify hit "Seven," collaborating with Jung Kook. Surpassing one billion streams in just three and a half months, the track has become a global phenomenon, catapulting Latto into the spotlight.

Despite not releasing a record this year, Latto's influence continues to grow, highlighted by her recent interview with XXL. Discussing her standing in the Atlanta hip-hop scene among female talents, Latto boldly claims to be the frontrunner: "Am I the First Lady of Atlanta? I do feel like I’m the frontrunner for female rap in Atlanta. I will say that... Yeah, I think I am." Yet, she acknowledges the ongoing work required to solidify her legacy, stating, "There’s definitely a lot more work."

In an intriguing conversation with XXL, Latto delves into her dream collaborations, singling out the legendary André 3000. Recognizing his impactful new album, "New Blue Sun," Latto expresses a fervent desire to collaborate, stating, "I want to bring André 3000 out of retirement. I got a song for André right now that will go so f***in' crazy." She emphasizes her commitment to making it happen, saying, "I'm really just trying to pull all strings, so hopefully, this can reach André somehow. I want André on my album." Latto's pursuit of excellence and collaboration underscores her dedication to pushing boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the hip-hop landscape.

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