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Machine Gun Kelly Shares Video of Full Upper Torso Blackout Tattoo Process

Machine Gun Kelly Shares Painful Tattoo Transformation Journey in TikTok Vlog
Machine Gun Kelly has offered his fans a glimpse into the process behind his recent decision to undergo a blackout tattoo transformation on his upper body. Sharing a concise vlog on his TikTok account, the Cleveland-born artist provided viewers with a montage of clips showcasing the arduous and multi-week journey he embarked on to conceal a significant portion of the tattoos adorning his arms and torso.
The video commences with mgk stating:
Today marks the day that I start the physical change of my body. We'll see what this turns out to be.

- Machine Gun Kelly

Setting the tone for the transformative experience. Subsequently, the footage transitions to depict various sessions of the tattooing process. Reflecting on his ordeal, mgk candidly admits:
We've done about seven sessions. It's been about two weeks since we started. This is the most painful sh*t I've ever experienced in my life.

- Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly Reveals Blackout Tattoo Process: Bleeding, Scarring, Swelling in Video Post

In February, upon revealing his new ink to the world, Machine Gun Kelly clarified that the alteration in his appearance was driven solely by spiritual motives. The following day, he released the track "don't let me go," where he delved into his mental state and the decisions that stemmed from it. In a poignant verse, he raps, "I had a breakdown and tatted my entire body except one line," offering insight into the emotional journey behind his tattoo transformation.

Recently, mgk surprised fans by dropping a collaborative EP with Trippie Redd titled "genre: sadboy." The 10-track project features notable contributions from artists like JID and boasts production credits from renowned producers such as SlimXX, BazeXX, and Ronny J, among others.

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As mgk continues to undergo his physical and artistic evolution, fans eagerly anticipate further insights into his creative process and the profound inspirations behind his music and personal transformations. With each new endeavor, Machine Gun Kelly proves himself to be a multifaceted artist unafraid to explore the depths of his psyche and express his truth through his craft.

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