Drake Reportedly Shuts Down Rick Ross Diss Track After He Claimed to Be Richer Than Him

Drake Stops Rick Ross Diss Track Upon "Richer" Allegations, Mal Reveals

Drake Turns Off Rick Ross Diss Track After Money Claim
Over the past few weeks, the rap world has been ablaze with feuds among some of its biggest stars. It all started with Kendrick Lamar, who threw shots at J. Cole and Drake in his feature on Future and Metro Boomin's track "Like That." 

While Cole has already engaged in a back-and-forth, Drake has remained steadfast, refusing to backtrack. In fact, he fired back with his own diss track, targeting several artists who had taken aim at him across Future and Metro's two albums. One of those targets was Rick Ross, who wasted no time in responding with a diss track of his own.
Ross's response began with some strange accusations, particularly about Drake's alleged nose job, which he has been fixating on in recent days. However, the real rebuttal came with his track "Champagne Problems." As fans were reacting to Ross's song, Drake was also listening intently. 

During a recent podcast appearance, podcaster Mal recounted a telling moment from behind the scenes. According to Mal, Drake reportedly turned off Ross's diss track after a specific bar: 
He turned off Rick Ross Diss Record when he said he was Richer.

- Mal

Drake Allegedly Turned Off Rick Ross Diss Track Over Richer Than Him Comment:

While there was some debate among the podcast hosts about Ross's intended meaning, it was evidently enough for Drake to consider the matter closed.

While various beefs are currently brewing in the rap world, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on Drake and Kendrick Lamar. There have been hints from Drake's camp suggesting that even more aggressive responses could be on the horizon.

As tensions continue to simmer between these heavyweight artists, fans are left eagerly anticipating the next moves in this ongoing saga of rap feuds.

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