Meek Mill and Wale Engage in Heated Exchange Over Former Friend's Photos: ‘Wale Never Liked Me’

Meek Mill and Wale Engage in Verbal Sparring Over Encounter With Meek's Former Associate

Meek Mill Calls Out Wale Over Photo with Former Associate Dean Stay Reddy, Sparks Twitter Feud
Meek Mill stirred controversy Monday morning by calling out his former labelmate and collaborator, Wale, for posing in photos with Meek's former associate, Dean Stay Reddy. The social media exchange between the two artists, known for their past tensions, quickly escalated into a heated exchange on Twitter.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Meek Mill expressed his distrust towards Wale, stating, "Wale never liked me... Now, I’ma treat him like the streets every time I see him. I gave him 1,000 chances. These guys be thinking they linking with the enemy. Clown a** n**ga. I wish I woulda [known] the other day; I woulda stretched you!"

Meek Mill Warns Wale Over Hanging Out With His Ex-Friend

Wale responded to Meek's accusations with a more measured tone, reflecting on the nature of industry drama and the consequences of getting involved in it. He wrote:

When [you] get in other people’s unserious drama in this industry, 90 [percent] of the time, they be back friends eventually, and then [you] look silly in the end, so I love minding my business. If a photo can create such vitriol, one has to ask himself some questions.

- Wale

The tensions between Meek and Wale trace back to earlier incidents, including allegations made by Stay Reddy against Meek Mill and discussions about him in DJ Akademiks' interviews. Meek referenced an interview from Akademiks’ “Off The Record” podcast, where rapper Ant Glizzy accused Wale of trying to undermine Meek's career.

Meek further elaborated on his suspicions towards Wale, indicating potential danger associated with him and his connections. These issues seem to stem from past conflicts, including Wale's alleged lack of support for Meek's projects and the subsequent reconciliation efforts between the two artists.

Despite their tumultuous history, Meek and Wale have collaborated on several occasions, with their most recent joint effort being the track "Fine Lines" from Too Good To Be True in 2023.

The ongoing feud between Meek Mill and Wale serves as another chapter in the complex dynamics of the hip-hop industry, showcasing the intricacies of loyalty, competition, and personal relationships within the music community.

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