Metro Boomin Reacts to Drake Fans' Trolling During Recent Concert: “Shut your ho a** up and make some drums”

Metro Boomin Reacts to Drake Diss Shouted by Fans During Recent Concert: "I Heard That!"

Metro Boomin Reacts to Drake Diss Shoutout at Concert
At a recent concert, Metro Boomin found himself at the receiving end of some playful trolling from a fan who shouted out lyrics from Drake's diss track, "Push Ups." 

In a video circulating on social media, a concert-goer can be heard yelling, "Metro, shut your ho ass up and play some drums," prompting a chuckle from Metro himself as he responds with a simple "I heard that."

Metro Boomin Responds to Drake Diss Shouted During Live Performance!

The clip quickly made its rounds on Twitter, drawing mixed reactions from users. While some found the fan's move to be humorous, others deemed it as corny. Nonetheless, Metro took the moment in stride, showing that he can laugh at himself and enjoy some banter with fans.

The playful exchange at the concert comes amidst a backdrop of tension between Metro Boomin and Drake. The producer recently released the track "Like That," featuring Kendrick Lamar, which included subtle jabs at Drake. 

Additionally, Metro has collaborated with artists who have used their verses to take shots at Drake, notably on tracks like "We Don’t Trust You" and "We Still Don’t Trust You" with Future. Notable artists such as The Weeknd and ASAP Rocky have contributed to the diss tracks.

Drake responded to the provocations with "Push Ups," a diss track aimed at Metro and his associates. The Toronto rapper followed up with "Taylor Made Freestyle," further fueling the feud. However, Kendrick Lamar, who was also featured on "Like That," has remained silent amidst the ongoing tension between Drake and Metro.

Despite the back-and-forth between the two camps, it's clear that Metro Boomin isn't taking things too seriously. His lighthearted reaction to the fan's trolling demonstrates his ability to roll with the punches and not let the drama get to him.

As the feud between Metro Boomin and Drake continues to unfold, fans are eagerly awaiting any further developments or responses from either party. 

In the world of hip-hop, tensions and rivalries are par for the course, but moments like these serve as a reminder that it's all in good fun—at least most of the time.

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