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Metro Boomin Declares Himself, Future, and The Weeknd 'The Biggest 3'

Metro Boomin, Future, and The Weeknd: The New Power Trio in Hip-Hop
In a surprising twist, Metro Boomin has crowned himself, Future, and The Weeknd as "the biggest 3" in a recent Instagram post, stirring up excitement among fans. This declaration comes amidst the release of their collaborative track "All to Myself" from the latest Metro and Future album, We Still Don't Trust You. 

Metro Boomin IDs Himself, Future, And The Weeknd "The Biggest 3"

While the trio's unity is apparent in their music, the timing of the post raises eyebrows, especially considering the ongoing speculation surrounding Drake.

Following The Weeknd's playful response to his own diss towards Drake on Instagram, leaked snippets of a potential Drake track emerged, sparking rumors about its authenticity. The leaked verse, which includes lines about "leaks in they operation," coincidentally aligns with The Weeknd's recent reference to avoiding such pitfalls.

The Weeknd Reacting to Drake's Leaked Diss Track:

The Weeknd's verse in particular has ignited discussions about his strategic career decisions, notably his decision not to sign with Drake's OVO Sound label. 

This move has set him apart from other R&B artists like PARTYNEXTDOOR, Roy Woods, and Majid Jordan, who did sign with OVO Sound but allegedly didn't receive the same level of support.

Amidst this backdrop, The Weeknd's collaboration on the title track "We Still Don't Trust You" further solidifies the trio's stance against Drake. Although the song itself doesn't directly reference Drake, their collective presence seems to hint at a unified front against the rapper.

As tensions continue to rise in the ongoing hip-hop feud involving Drake, the emergence of leaked tracks and strategic collaborations only adds fuel to the fire. Fans eagerly await further developments in this saga, curious to see how it will unfold in the ever-evolving landscape of rap and hip-hop.

Metro Boomin's declaration, coupled with The Weeknd's recent verses and collaborations, suggests a deliberate positioning against Drake. Whether this signifies the beginning of a larger conflict or simply a creative expression remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it's clear that the dynamics within the hip-hop community are as intricate and multifaceted as ever.

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