Metro Boomin Alleges Phone Hacked by Toronto Number Since Future Album Release Amid Drake Beef: "Somebody hacked me"

Metro Boomin Denies Sending 'Corny Tweets' After Phone Hacked Amid Drake Controversy and Album Release

Metro Boomin Faces Social Media Hacking Controversy Amid Release of "We Don’t Trust You" Album with Future
Metro Boomin, the renowned producer and collaborator in the hip-hop industry, has recently found himself at the center of a hacking controversy. Since the release of his joint album with Future, "We Don’t Trust You," late last month, Metro has been grappling with unauthorized activity on his social media accounts.

Taking to Twitter to address the issue, Metro revealed that his phone number and accounts were compromised on the very day the album dropped, which was March 20. Expressing frustration over the intrusion, Metro emphasized that certain posts made under his username were not reflective of his character. In particular, he distanced himself from what he described as "corny" tweets, asserting that positivity has always been his mantra.

Metro Boomin Claims He Was 'Hacked', Denies Sending All Those Tweets

Despite the setback, Metro remained focused on promoting the project and expressing gratitude to those who supported it. While some posts may have raised eyebrows, particularly those perceived as indirect jabs at Drake in light of Kendrick Lamar's diss on the album, Metro maintained that only a small fraction of his tweets were problematic. Upon regaining control of his account, he promptly deleted the contentious tweets.

In a humorous twist to the ordeal, Metro shared screenshots of the hacker's misguided attempts to procure Chanel products by contacting his representative at Balenciaga. Despite the inconvenience caused by the hacking, Metro couldn't help but find amusement in the hacker's antics.

Among the tweets that Metro disavowed was a post from April 1, where he called out rappers for being "scared" to support the album. However, Metro clarified that the statement was made under duress and didn't align with his usual demeanor.

As Metro navigates the aftermath of the hacking incident, he remains resilient and focused on his music endeavors. With the support of his loyal fanbase and colleagues in the industry, Metro is determined to overcome this setback and continue making waves in the world of hip-hop.

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