Ice Spice and Rick Ross Share Love for Taylor Swift's 'THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT'

Rick Ross Joins Ice Spice in Applauding Taylor Swift's 'Tortured Poets' Album, Declares Himself a Swiftie: 'Her Song Titles Are Gangsta'

Rick Ross and Ice Spice Surprise Fans with Support for Taylor Swift's New Album
Taylor Swift's latest album, "THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT," made waves upon its midnight release on April 19th. What caught many off guard was the unexpected show of support from none other than Rick Ross.

On April 18th, Ross took to Twitter, surprising his followers with admiration for Swift's work. "Fresh out of the slammer in Florida! Blasting on the yacht at midnight," he tweeted. 
Taylor writes like a boss, and her song titles are gangsta." This unexpected endorsement sparked speculation about Ross joining the ranks of Swifties.

Rick Ross Reveals His Swiftie Side:

Ross's praise came hot on the heels of a recent jab from Drake's "Push Ups," where he playfully critiqued Kendrick Lamar's collaboration with Swift on "Bad Blood (Remix)." Drake's lyrics humorously highlighted the commercial nature of such partnerships, but Ross's support seemed unwavering.

This isn't the first time Ross has shown support for Swift. In a February episode of Logan Paul’s “IMPAULSIVE” podcast, Ross defended Swift against Super Bowl conspiracy theories, stating, "That's my girl. She should perform at the Super Bowl, too."

In addition to Ross, Ice Spice, another prominent figure in the music industry, also showed her support for Swift's new album. Ice Spice reposted Swift’s album on her Instagram Story, further solidifying the support from the hip-hop community.

Ice Spice Shows Support for Taylor Swift's New Album:

Swift and Ice Spice have a history of collaboration, notably teaming up for "Karma (Remix)" from Swift's previous album. Reflecting on their collaboration, Swift expressed how natural it felt to work with Ice Spice. 

Collaborating with Ice Spice on 'Karma' was one of the most natural things. She reached out through her team, just kind of saying, 'Hey, you know, Ice has been a big fan of Taylor’s since she was a little kid; we’d love to collaborate if that was ever something that came about.'

- Taylor Swift

Overall, the unexpected support from Rick Ross and Ice Spice underscores the cross-genre appeal of Taylor Swift's music and highlights the unity within the music industry, regardless of genre boundaries.

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