Rick Ross Reveals Unexpected Fact About Drake Diss Track "Champagne Moments"

Rick Ross Unveils Surprising Detail About His Drake Diss Track "Champagne Moments"

Rick Ross Reveals Surprising Detail About "Champagne Moments" Producer: Only 16 Years Old!
Rick Ross recently unveiled an surprising detail about the producer behind his Drake diss track, "Champagne Moments," shedding light on the young talent's age.

Taking to his Instagram Story, Ross disclosed that the producer is merely 16 years old, a surprising revelation considering the track's quality and impact. 

The budding producer, known as Mini Boom, is the son of renowned director Benny Boom, hinting at a lineage of creative prowess.
Can you guess the age of the kid who produced ‘Champagne Moments’ 16. That’s right. 16 years old. Little man’s 16 years old and he’s the son of famed director Benny Boom. Yeah, he go by the name Mini Boom. So much love! Y’all show little homie some love. Boss.

- Rick Ross

Rick Ross Exposes Surprising Age of "Champagne Moments" Producer in Drake Diss Track:

The announcement sparked curiosity and admiration within the hip-hop community, with many applauding the young producer's skill at such a tender age. Ross encouraged his followers to show support to the budding talent, affectionately referring to him as "little homie."

In a move that intensified his ongoing feud with Drake, Rick Ross dropped a provocative music video for "Champagne Moments." 

Directed by Shula The Don, the visual features Ross exuding opulence as he lounges in an airplane hangar surrounded by luxury cars and premium spirits. The imagery serves as a bold assertion of Ross's financial status and dominance in the rap game.

As the video progresses, Ross indulges in a joint and promotes his annual car and bike show, reinforcing his stature as a cultural icon. Towards the end, the MMG mogul humorously taunts Drake, playfully showcasing his own physique while ridiculing Drake for purportedly undergoing stomach surgery.

"Champagne Moments" was unleashed as a response to Drake's diss track, "Push Ups," which ignited the ongoing feud between the two hip-hop heavyweights. Ross doesn't hold back, accusing Drake of cosmetic alterations to his nose in a bid to emulate Caucasian features.

The track's release reignited the flames of controversy surrounding Drake and Ross's feud, captivating fans and stirring conversation within the rap community. As tensions escalate, hip-hop enthusiasts eagerly await each new development, eager to witness the next chapter in this compelling saga.

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