Ryan Garcia Announces Kanye West Will Walk Him Out for Boxing Match Against Devin Haney

Ryan Garcia's Bold Statement: Kanye West to Walk Him Out For Devin Haney Fight

Ryan Garcia Announces Kanye West Collaboration for Devin Haney Fight
Ryan Garcia has had a change of heart regarding Kanye West, now claiming the rapper will accompany him for his upcoming boxing match with Devin Haney. This reversal comes after Garcia previously criticized Ye, alleging that the artist refused to walk him out due to a comment he made about Diddy to 50 Cent.

In a tweet on Sunday (April 14), Garcia confidently announced, "Kanye walking me out," signaling a potential reconciliation between the two. However, given Garcia's recent public criticism of Ye, some skepticism surrounds this announcement. Is it a genuine change of heart or a strategic move to generate hype for the fight?

Ryan Garcia Boldly Asserts Kanye West Will Walk Him Out at Devin Haney Fight:

The timing of Garcia's tweet raises questions, especially considering Ye's relatively quiet presence on social media lately. With rumors circulating about new music projects, such as alleged volumes of "Vultures," this sudden announcement seems peculiar. Is it simply a ploy to attract attention to the upcoming bout?

Meanwhile, in Ye's world, recent reports suggest he's slashed the asking price for his mansion, hinting at a desire to offload the property quickly. Despite this, Ye has maintained a low profile, with no new listening parties or controversial statements. Instead, paparazzi footage captures him spending time with Bianca Censori.

As Ye embraces a period of relative calm, there's hope that he's using this time for introspection and personal growth. Perhaps this break from the spotlight will inspire him to pursue positive endeavors and focus on uplifting pursuits.

In the dynamic world of hip-hop and celebrity culture, announcements and reconciliations like Garcia's claim regarding Ye can often be met with skepticism. Only time will tell whether this collaboration materializes or if it's merely a fleeting moment in the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment.

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