21 Savage Says Metro Boomin And Drake Will Squash Their Beef Asserts They’ll ‘Figure That Sh*t Out'

21 Savage Calls Drake and Metro Boomin His Brothers, Believes They Will Resolve Their Beef

21 Savage Optimistic About Drake and Metro Boomin's Reconciliation Amidst Rap Feud Drama
21 Savage has expressed optimism about the resolution of the apparent rift between his friends, Drake and Metro Boomin. 

During an Instagram Live session, the American Dream rapper made it clear that he doesn't want to be continuously questioned about the feud between the two prominent figures in the rap industry. 

According to 21 Savage, both Metro and Drake will eventually mend their relationship.
Don't keep coming on to my muthafucking Live talking about no muthafucking beef, Metro my brother and Drake my brother. Those n***as going to figure that shit out eventually.

- 21 Savage

Watch: 21 Savage Opens Up About Drake & Metro Boomin Beef

Maintaining a relatively low profile, 21 Savage has remained a key figure in the ongoing saga between Metro Boomin and Drake. 

The conflict ignited when Metro released his collaborative album with Future, titled "We Don't Trust You." As a frequent collaborator with Metro, 21 Savage has been intricately involved in the dynamics of the situation. 

Notably, he also joined forces with Drake for their joint project, "Her Loss." Additionally, Metro has produced several tracks featuring both Drake and 21 Savage, including "Mr. Right Now" and "Knife Talk."

However, recent developments have shifted attention away from the Drake-Metro beef momentarily. Soulja Boy, another influential figure in the rap scene, called out 21 Savage and Metro over an old tweet comparing Soulja Boy to Jeezy

Expressing his displeasure, Soulja Boy labeled Metro as a "bitch ass boy" for making the comparison and demanded the tweet's deletion.

Responding to the confrontation, 21 Savage stood by Metro, prompting Soulja Boy to escalate the situation further. 

The exchange between the two rappers on social media underscored the complexity of relationships within the rap community and the potential for conflicts to arise unexpectedly.

In the midst of these tensions, 21 Savage's statement about the eventual reconciliation between Drake and Metro Boomin offers a glimpse of hope for fans eager to see the resolution of the ongoing feud. 

As the rap landscape continues to evolve, the dynamics between artists remain fluid, with alliances shifting and conflicts arising, but ultimately, the bonds forged within the community endure.

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