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Soulja Boy Blasts 21 Savage and Metro Boomin in a Fierce Rant

Soulja Boy Sparks Drama with Metro Boomin & 21 Savage in Heated Instagram Live Rant
Soulja Boy recently stirred up controversy on Instagram Live, addressing an old tweet from Metro Boomin and drawing 21 Savage into the mix. 

The tweet, dating back to 2012, took a jab at Soulja Boy's relevance in the music industry. Unsurprisingly, Soulja Boy demanded its deletion, giving Metro Boomin a 24-hour ultimatum.

Responding to the drama, 21 Savage questioned the consequences if Metro Boomin didn't comply. Soulja Boy's subsequent Twitter tirade targeted both artists, escalating tensions. He doubled down on his threats during another Instagram Live session.
During the livestream, Soulja Boy launched a barrage of insults at 21 Savage, mocking his British origins and criticizing his perceived lack of support for Drake

He even hinted at physical confrontation, expressing a willingness to resort to violence if the tweet remained undeleted.

Soulja Boy's Fiery Attack on 21 Savage After Defending Metro Boomin:

Soulja Boy's comments reflect his escalating frustration, particularly with 21 Savage's perceived inaction. 

He accused the rapper of betraying his roots and adopting a softer persona since touring with Drake. This criticism suggests that Soulja Boy views 21 Savage's behavior as a departure from his earlier image.

The altercation underscores the volatile nature of rap beefs, where words and social media exchanges can quickly escalate into threats of physical violence. 

While Soulja Boy's outburst may have been fueled by personal grievances, it highlights the complex dynamics within the hip-hop community.

As of now, 21 Savage has yet to respond to Soulja Boy's provocations. However, given the intensity of the situation, it's possible that tensions could further escalate unless cooler heads prevail.

In the fast-paced world of hip-hop, conflicts like these are not uncommon. 

Artists often use social media as a platform to air grievances and assert dominance, contributing to the genre's competitive landscape. Whether this feud will be resolved amicably or escalate into something more remains to be seen.

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