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21 Savage Fires Back at Soulja Boy's Threats Against Metro Boomin

21 Savage Claps Back at Soulja Boy Over Metro Boomin Tweet
In the realm of hip-hop, social media has become a battleground for artists to air out their grievances and settle scores. 

Recently, a long-standing feud between Soulja Boy and Metro Boomin resurfaced when an old tweet from Metro Boomin stirred up controversy on Soulja Boy's feed.

During an Instagram Live session, Soulja Boy wasted no time in addressing the tweet from 2012, where Metro Boomin seemed to belittle Soulja Boy's career by comparing it to Jeezy's. 
Soulja Boy fired back, asserting his dominance in the rap game and demanding that Metro Boomin delete the tweet, citing it as disrespectful regardless of its age.

Soulja Boy gave Metro Boomin a 24-hour ultimatum to remove the tweet, although the consequences of not doing so remained ambiguous. 

Despite the tension, 21 Savage stepped into the fray with a cryptic response of "Or what," signaling his support for Metro Boomin and possibly hinting at a willingness to escalate the situation if necessary.

21 Savage Comes to Metro Boomin's Defense After Soulja Boy's Threats:

The involvement of 21 Savage adds an intriguing layer to the conflict, given his history with both Soulja Boy and Metro Boomin. 

While it's not entirely surprising that he would defend Metro Boomin, considering their past collaborations and friendship, his decision to intervene highlights the complexities of loyalty and allegiance in the rap community.

Interestingly, 21 Savage's swift response to Soulja Boy contrasts with his relatively muted reaction to previous rap beef involving Drake

Despite being embroiled in high-profile conflicts, such as the "20 v 1" debacle and the ongoing feud with Kendrick Lamar, 21 Savage largely remained on the sidelines. 

His selective involvement raises questions about his motivations and alliances within the industry.

As artists navigate the complexities of fame and success, social media platforms continue to provide a stage for public confrontation and resolution, shaping the narrative of hip-hop culture for years to come.

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