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50 Cent Makes Fun Of Stevie J For Siding With King Combs Amid "Pick A Side" Diss Track

50 Cent Mocks Stevie J's Support for King Combs Amid Diss Track Drama
In the latest episode of rap beef antics, 50 Cent found himself in the spotlight yet again, this time for poking fun at Stevie J's unexpected allegiance to Christian 'King' Combs during a heated diss track exchange.

Stevie J, also known as Steven Jordan, raised eyebrows when he shared a video of himself vibing and rapping along to King Combs' latest track, "Pick A Side," which contains some not-so-subtle jabs directed at Fifty. 
Unfazed by the unexpected turn of events, the G-Unit mogul responded in his signature style. Fifty captioned his repost of Stevie J's video: 
Hahahaha why you make a video like this man, LOL I can not wait to be in the same place with you guys. I know you don’t know about me.

- 50 Cent

50 Cent Clowns Stevie J For Flexing to King Combs's Diss Track While Shirtless:

Stevie J's unwavering support for Diddy and his family, especially amid their ongoing legal battles, has been evident. 

He even took to TMZ to address Fifty's persistent taunting of Diddy on social media, going as far as labeling him an "Uncle Tom."

He wants to bring the Black community down worse than anyone else, Now, since he didn't accept my offer to him and he wanna continue being a comedian, why don't you go make some movies with Michael Blackson and don't talk about me.

- Stevie J

In response to the mounting criticism, Fifty maintained his composure, brushing off Stevie J's comments with characteristic nonchalance. " I'm not concerned about this n***a Curtis. He's Uncle Tom, and that's just what it is."

The drama surrounding diss tracks and social media spats is nothing new in the rap world, where artists frequently engage in verbal battles to assert dominance and settle scores. 

However, the personal attacks and heated exchanges often spill over into public forums, captivating audiences and fueling speculation.

As tensions continue to simmer between Fifty and Stevie J, fans are left eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this ongoing saga. 

Whether it's through scathing lyrics or social media jabs, one thing's for sure: the rap game remains as unpredictable and entertaining as ever.

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