Kanye West Supposedly Shares Unreleased Track with Adin Ross, Played Publicly on Livestream

Kanye West Allegedly Gives Unreleased Track to Adin Ross, Played on Livestream

Adin Ross Claims Exclusive Access to Kanye West's Unreleased Travis Scott Collab
Kanye West's anticipated releases always draw attention, leaving fans eager for new tracks to drop. 

Despite expectations surrounding the unveiling of his collaboration project with Ty Dolla Sign, "Vultures 2," earlier this month, the album's release has been shrouded in uncertainty. 

Ty Dolla Sign hinted that the project could hit the airwaves "any day now," but specifics remain elusive.

In a recent turn of events, Adin Ross, during one of his live streams, made a surprising claim, he had managed to secure an exclusive, previously unreleased track by Kanye West featuring Travis Scott. 
The song in question, "Can U Be," had been circulating in low-quality snippets online for nearly a decade. 

However, Ross asserted that he obtained a higher-quality version directly from Kanye himself and proceeded to play excerpts of it for his viewers.

Kanye West Allegedly Gives Adin Ross Unreleased Track "Can U Be"

Ross's revelation sparked intrigue among hip-hop enthusiasts, especially considering the elusive nature of "Can U Be" and its tumultuous history. 

Last year, Ross made headlines when he attempted to purchase the track for a whopping $200K, only to later claim that it turned out to be artificial intelligence-generated. 

Despite this, Ross insists that the version he showcased on his recent stream is authentic, though its veracity remains unconfirmed.

The notion that Kanye West personally provided Ross with the track adds a layer of credibility to the claim. 

Moreover, recent statements by YesJulz, another prominent figure in the music industry, seem to corroborate Ross's assertion, suggesting that he may indeed have had interactions with Kanye in recent months.

For Kanye West fans eagerly awaiting new music, Ross's revelation offers a glimmer of hope and excitement. 

The prospect of hearing an unreleased collaboration between two powerhouse artists like Kanye West and Travis Scott is undoubtedly tantalizing. 

Whether "Can U Be" will see an official release or remain an elusive gem in the realm of unreleased tracks, only time will tell.

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