Eminem Name-Drops Megan Thee Stallion in New Single "Houdini"

Eminem References Megan Thee Stallion Sh--ting Incident in New Song "Houdini"

Eminem Revives Slim Shady Persona in New Single "Houdini"
Eminem is channeling his infamous Slim Shady alter ego once again. The rapper's upcoming album, "The Death of Slim Shady", signals a return to the edgy and provocative style that made him a household name. 

The music video for his latest single, "Houdini," showcases the return of the iconic, bleach-blond Slim Shady, stirring up the hip-hop community with his trademark lyrical jabs.
The hallmark of Slim Shady's resurgence is his penchant for controversy. In "Houdini," Eminem doesn't hold back, taking aim at several figures in the industry. 

Notably, Megan Thee Stallion becomes a focal point of his sharp wordplay. Eminem's verses mix humor and provocation, embodying the audacious spirit of his alter ego.

Eminem cranks up the chaos in "Houdini," even taking shots at his longtime collaborator, Dr. Dre. "F*ck off, Dre," he raps, adding to the tension with a dig at his own family. 

His children, one of whom recently tied the knot, aren't spared from his lyrical onslaught. 

These subjects are familiar terrain for Eminem, blending affection with biting critique. Megan Thee Stallion, however, is a fresh target for Slim Shady’s ire.

In a particularly controversial line, Eminem references the infamous incident involving Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion:
If I was to ask for Megan Thee (What?) Stallion if she would collab with me, Would I really have a shot at a feat? (Haha). I don't know, but I'm glad to be back like.

- Eminem

Listen: Eminem's Megan Thee Stallion Name-Drop On "Houdini"

The play on words is a clever twist, but it has sparked backlash within the rap community. 

Poking fun at Megan Thee Stallion has proven risky. Artists who have previously taken shots at her have faced backlash from fans and Megan herself, often in the form of diss tracks. 

Megan's feud with Nicki Minaj culminated in the release of her chart-topping single, "HISS," earlier this year. 

On "HISS," Megan makes a subtle nod to Eminem, rapping, "I feel like Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey), got these n**as so obsessed (Damn)."

As Eminem's latest single stirs the pot, the hip-hop world watches closely. The return of Slim Shady means more than just a change in hair color; it's a signal that the rapper is ready to reclaim his controversial throne. 

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