Kendrick Lamar Alleges OVO Members Are Backstabbing Drake on "6:16 In LA" Diss Track

Kendrick Lamar Suggests Betrayal Within Drake's Circle on New Diss Track '6:16 In LA': "Have you ever thought that OVO was working for me?"

Kendrick Lamar Takes Aim at Drake's Inner Circle in "6:16 In LA" Diss Track
Kendrick Lamar has delivered on his promise to release another diss track aimed at Drake, titled "6:16 In LA," just three days after his previous track, "Euphoria." 

Unlike the first diss, this one takes a more targeted approach in criticizing the 6ix God, focusing specifically on alleged disloyalty within Drake's OVO camp.

In "6:16 In LA," Kendrick suggests that members of Drake's inner circle may be betraying him, insinuating that they are providing information to Kendrick and remaining loyal to Drake only for financial gain. Lines like:
Have you ever thought that OVO was working for me?, Know the wires in your circle should puzzle you, If you were street smart, then you would've caught that your entourage is only to hustle you.

- Kendrick Lamar

Listen: Kendrick Lamar's Drake Diss Track "6:16 In LA"

As is usual with Kendrick Lamar's music, fans are already dissecting the lyrics to uncover deeper meanings and references. 

While some Drake fans are questioning Kendrick's lyricism and accusing him of stealing battle rap lines, Kendrick's supporters argue that these accusations won't detract from the message he's conveying.

Reactions to "6:16 In LA" have been intense, with many drawing connections to previous diss tracks and dissecting references, such as mentions of Gunna and Drake's bodyguard Chubbs. 

The prevailing interpretation is that Kendrick is highlighting cracks in the facade of Drake's supposedly tight-knit crew, a narrative that adds weight to his lyrical punches.

Whether the claims made in "6:16 In LA" are true or not, they are undeniably impactful and have sparked fervent discussion among fans. 

Kendrick's ability to provoke such reactions speaks to his prowess as a lyricist and his knack for delivering hard-hitting messages through his music.

"6:16 In LA" marks another chapter in the ongoing feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, offering a focused critique of Drake's inner circle and igniting debate within the hip-hop community. 

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