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After Diddy Assault Video Emerges, Slim Thug Publicly Apologizes to Cassie

Slim Thug Issues Apology to Cassie After Diddy Assault Video Release
Slim Thug found himself embroiled in controversy in November 2023. The rapper posted a video on Instagram casting doubt on the allegations against Sean "Diddy" Combs.

Cassie had recently filed a lawsuit against Diddy, accusing him of assault. However, Slim Thug questioned her motives, suggesting she lacked legitimate grounds for her claims. 

This stance quickly drew backlash, with many accusing him of being insensitive to Cassie's situation.
In a particularly controversial comparison, Slim Thug likened Diddy's situation to that of Bill Cosby, claiming both were unjustly accused. "Bill Cosby is not guilty of all that stuff," he asserted in his post.

"They were partying with him, having a good time, and now they're just trying to get something out of it." Thug categorized Cassie’s lawsuit as part of this "extra stuff." 

Even as criticism poured into his comment section, he stood firm, initially refusing to back down.

However, everything changed on May 17 when CNN released footage showing Diddy assaulting Cassie in a hotel. 

The disturbing video provided undeniable evidence supporting Cassie's claims, dramatically shifting public perception.

The impact of the footage was immediate and profound, prompting Slim Thug to issue a public apology to Cassie via Instagram. 

"Damn Diddy, I tried to stand by the Black man who had no charges yet, but I can't defend this," he admitted. "I'll take this loss. But I still believe in standing by my people until I see some sort of proof. I don't believe in blogs or civil suits." He then addressed Cassie directly: 
Apologies to Cassie and anyone else who was right this time.

- Slim Thug

Slim Thug Says He Owes Cassie an Apology After Defending Diddy:

Slim Thug's view of Diddy shifted drastically after witnessing the footage aired on CNN. Previously, he criticized those celebrating Diddy's potential downfall, arguing that Diddy was being unfairly targeted without criminal charges. 

"He thought that we would ride or die for him," Slim Thug commented in March. "He believed the Hip-Hop community would have his back. But he's now one of the most reviled figures without any criminal convictions."

Acknowledging his error, Slim Thug has taken responsibility for his earlier statements. While his initial defense of Diddy was rooted in a desire to support a fellow Black man, the undeniable evidence forced him to reconsider his stance. 

His apology marks a significant moment, reflecting a willingness to admit mistakes and stand corrected in light of new information.

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