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The Game Doubts Rick Ross' Courage Amidst Delay in Dropping Diss Track

The Game Calls Out Rick Ross for Dodging Diss Track in Ongoing Feud Over Social Media Trolling Tactics
In the realm of rap battles, one unexpected showdown emerges from the aftermath of the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef: an unfinished beef between The Game and Rick Ross. 

However, The Game claims to have shelved a response track due to apprehension, though it's a contentious assertion in a fabricated feud. 
Despite this, he asserted triumph in an Instagram post, boasting about his lyrical prowess. The Game wrote about Rick Ross:
The cereal killer [duck emoji]'n this real smoke, Scared to drop that nursey rhyme you recorded the other night I see lol... F**k it, a quick W for the home team & some real rap for the fans playlist. Posting very attainable cereal bowls, bottled up dog piss & crouching by cars like that's gone get you outta this a** whoopin'. IT AINT !!!

- The Game

The Game continued:
Thing about most these rap n***as y'all idolize is... they pick & choose who they diss very carefully. End of the day, ALL the n***as in this s**t know what I'm capable of especially when it's time to go bar for bar. The real 'Rick Ross' @freewayricky this one was for you big homie [100 emoji]. & as for chicken legs: you can't whoop my a** or out rap me so... post all the cars, n fake watches you want to.. the real fans see through you & that Widebach Music s**t !!! You can't run from this s**t. S**t, you can't run period... human capri sun pouch body shaped n***a you. - Chuck Taylor.

- The Game

The Game Continues to Taunt Rick Ross Over Alleged Diss Track Delay:

While Rick Ross has shown little concern for The Game's jabs, he's now faced with the aftermath of dissing Drake. 

Fans ridiculed his lackluster concert, reigniting speculation that Drake pulled a 50 Cent-esque stunt on him. Whether he genuinely purchased tickets to Ross' concert remains a mystery.

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