Yung Miami Addresses BBL Rumors About Drake, Says She Doesn't Think He Had the Procedure

Yung Miami Doubts Drake Had a BBL: "That's a lot of A**"

Yung Miami Confidently Denies Rumors of Drake Undergoing BBL
In the midst of Drake's notorious "20 v. 1" feud, a unique twist emerged when Rick Ross accused the rapper of having plastic surgery, earning him the moniker "BBL Drizzy." 

The controversy continued to grow as Metro Boomin invited artists globally to contribute to a remix challenge over his beat named after the feud, promising a substantial cash prize for the best track. 

Drake himself joined in on the fun, collaborating with Se*yy Red on her EP "U My Everything," where he cleverly addressed the rumors. 
On the track, Drake denied having a BBL but joked that he funds cosmetic surgeries for women seeking enhancements.

Despite the playful nickname, the majority of fans and critics alike do not genuinely believe that Drake underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift. 

term "BBL Drizzy" is mainly used humorously to tease the Toronto-born artist, implying that his persona is inauthentic. 

Recently, Yung Miami offered her perspective on the subject during an interview with Complex

She confidently dismissed the idea that Drake had the procedure, citing that it would be far too noticeable if he had.

"Do you know what a BBL is?" Yung Miami questioned interviewer Yedoye Travis, emphasizing the substantial nature of the surgery. "That's a lot of a**. A BBL is a big a**." She then shared her views on men getting such procedures, stating her personal disapproval. "I don't want no man with no a**," she expressed. "No, it can't be like an a** a**."

Watch: Yung Miami Denies Drake's BBL Accusations

The City Girl’s blunt assessment adds another layer to the ongoing conversation about cosmetic enhancements in the music industry. 

Her remarks reflect a broader skepticism and reinforce the perception that Drake’s BBL rumors are nothing more than a playful jab among peers.

The rumors about Drake's alleged plastic surgery began as part of a playful feud with Rick Ross. Ross accused Drake of undergoing a BBL, a claim that quickly caught the attention of fans and other artists. 

Metro Boomin capitalized on the buzz, creating a beat titled "BBL Drizzy" and launching a remix competition that saw widespread participation. 

The challenge not only kept the rumor mill churning but also provided a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents.

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