Foolio's Hacked IG Account Sparks Confusion with Weed Promo

Foolio's Hacked IG Account Shares Mysterious Promo Video

Foolio's Instagram Hacked, Posts New Video Amid Ongoing Feud with Yungeen Ace

Foolio’s untimely death has yet to bring peace, as his legacy continues to be entangled in controversy and strange social media happenings. 

His ongoing feud with Yungeen Ace has fueled a series of diss tracks, but the latest incident adds a peculiar twist. 

On June 28, Foolio's Instagram account was hacked, leading to a string of baffling posts and comments that have left the hip-hop community puzzled.

On a recent Friday night, a video appeared on Foolio's Instagram, seemingly encouraging fans to follow his profile. The video featured a man claiming to be Foolio, saying:

"Aye, this Foolio man. Go follow my people... I'mma put their app below... go follow [them] right now."

Bizarre Instagram Hack: Foolio's Account Posts Promo Video

The caption read, "No fuel, no deal. Everything guaranteed." Despite the convincing appearance, it's unsettling knowing the rapper himself isn't behind the post. 

This came after an earlier incident where the hacker used Foolio’s account to comment on Yungeen Ace’s diss track "Game Over," leaving a trash emoji that sparked a response from Ace.

While these bizarre social media activities continue, the hunt for Foolio's killers is still ongoing. 

Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters addressed the media about the ongoing investigation.  

As of now, the Jacksonville police have not disclosed any suspects or made any arrests, keeping the case shrouded in uncertainty.

In the midst of this turmoil, Yungeen Ace has not let up. His recent releases, "Did It" and "Game Over," are filled with scathing lyrics aimed at Foolio, maintaining a relentless posthumous assault. 

Ace's brazen approach to their rivalry shows no signs of abating, even as it attracts criticism and legal scrutiny.

Legal experts have weighed in on the potential ramifications of Ace's lyrics. 

Criminal lawyer Brian Rivers, analyzing the situation on social media, pointed out that the rapper’s explicit references could lead to serious legal trouble. 

As the drama unfolds, the hip-hop world watches closely, grappling with the implications of violence, grief, and the boundary-pushing nature of the genre.