Yungeen Ace Reacts to Foolio's Hacked IG Account After “Game Over” Diss: ''I love you 4eva''

Foolio’s IG Trolls Yungeen Ace Following “Game Over” Release; Ace Responds

Yungeen Ace Responds to Hacked Foolio IG Account Amid Ongoing Feud

Even in de*th, the feud between Yungeen Ace and Foolio rages on. Yungeen Ace has shown no signs of backing down, continuing to stoke the flames of their conflict with unrelenting intensity. 

Since Foolio's untimely demise, Ace has released two scathing diss tracks, "Did It" and "Game Over," both aimed directly at his former adversary. 

The feud took an unexpected turn on June 28 when Foolio’s Instagram account was hacked, leading to a cryptic comment on one of Ace’s posts. 

The hacked comment, a simple trash can emoji, appeared under the music video for "Game Over." This response, while somewhat fitting given the song’s content, was particularly eerie considering Foolio is no longer around to engage in this digital battle. 

Yungeen Ace quickly noticed the comment and wasted no time in responding. With a mix of sarcasm and defiance, he replied accompanied by two laughing emojis and the phrase: 

"You still f*cking with me dude. I love you 4eva."

Yungeen Ace Responds to Foolio’s Hacked IG After "Game Over" Diss Track:

Yungeen Ace’s latest actions underscore his commitment to keeping the rivalry alive. By dropping "Did It" shortly after Foolio’s de*th and following it up with "Game Over," Ace made it clear that he intends to continue the conflict. 

The lyrics in these songs leave no room for doubt about his target. In "Game Over," Ace raps, "Dead on the floor, dead on arrival, Mr. 6. I'm steady screaming out, 'Forget the long, forget the 6.'" 

These lines explicitly reference Foolio’s gang affiliation with 6 Block and the circumstances of his de*th. Ace’s verses are filled with venom, leaving no ambiguity about his intended message.

Despite the potential repercussions, Yungeen Ace seems undeterred. His interaction with the hacked account highlights the depth of his animosity. 

While the long-term impact of this feud remains uncertain, one thing is clear: Yungeen Ace is not ready to let the conflict die down. 

Instead, he appears more determined than ever to keep the memory of their rivalry alive, even as Foolio can no longer respond.