Yungeen Ace's New Track "Do It" Directly Disses Julio Foolio Less Than 24 Hours After His De*th

Yungeen Ace Drops "Do It" Diss Track Aimed at His Opp Julio Foolio Shortly After His Passing

Shortly after reports of Julio Foolio's de*th emerged, Yungeen Ace, amidst their enduring feud, dropped a new diss track titled "Do It." In a direct sh*t at his rival, Ace raps:
"Catch his a*s and do his a*s, you know he's finished."

Highlighting the ongoing animosity between the two rappers. Foolio was tragically sh*t and k*lled outside a Holiday Inn while celebrating his 26th birthday in Tampa, Florida, over the weekend.

The Feud Between Ace and Foolio

The intense beef between Yungeen Ace and Foolio has been a significant storyline in the Florida rap scene for years. 

This rivalry stems from conflicts between their respective groups, Ace's ATK and Foolio's KTA. The violence between the two factions has resulted in multiple sh**tings and casualties on both sides. 

In 2021, Ace's provocative track "Who I Smoke" mentioned several of Foolio's deceased associates, further escalating tensions. 

Foolio countered with "When I See You," which sampled a news report covering the murder of Ace's brother, deepening the feud.

Details of Foolio's De*th

Foolio's attorney, Lewis Fusco, confirmed the details surrounding his client's de*th in a statement posted on Instagram. 

Fusco revealed that Foolio, whose real name was Charles Jones, was in Tampa to celebrate his birthday. Initially, he stayed at an Airbnb but had to leave due to occupancy issues. 

He then moved to a Holiday Inn, where he was ambushed in the hotel parking lot. 

Fusco's statement requested privacy for Foolio's family during this difficult time and noted that further comments would be withheld until more details become available.

A History of Violent Feuds

The ongoing feud between ATK and KTA is emblematic of the broader issues of violence and retaliation in the rap community. 

Both Ace and Foolio used their music to chronicle their struggles and conflicts, turning their personal vendettas into public entertainment. 

While their music gained attention and notoriety, it also highlighted the dangerous realities of their lives.

The Legacy of Julio Foolio

Despite his involvement in violent feuds, Foolio was a rising star in the rap industry. 

His music resonated with many, reflecting the harsh realities of life in Jacksonville, Florida. 

His de*th at 26 marks a premature end to a promising career and serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive issues within the rap community.

The tragic de*th of Julio Foolio and the immediate release of Yungeen Ace's diss track underscore the volatile nature of their rivalry. 

As the rap community mourns the loss of a young talent, the focus shifts to the broader implications of violence in the industry. 

Foolio's legacy, marked by both his musical contributions and his tumultuous life, will continue to influence the rap scene for years to come.