Rapper Julio Foolio has been SH*T & K*LLED on his birthday at just 26 years old

Jacksonville, Florida rapper Foolio was sh*t and k*lled while celebrating his 26th birthday

Florida Rapper Foolio Reportedly Shot & Killed Celebrating His 26th Birthday.

Julio Foolio, the Jacksonville, Florida rapper known for his gritty lyrics and controversial music videos, was tragically sh*t and k*lled while celebrating his 26th birthday last night. 

The news of his death was confirmed by his girlfriend and close associates.

Julio Foolio has reportedly passed away last night after dropping his location to his birthday party:

Foolio, whose real name is Charles Jones, gained notoriety with his infamous "When I See You" remix, which featured images of his deceased rivals, mocking them throughout the track. 

This bold and provocative approach to his music garnered him a significant following but also put him in the crosshairs of ongoing feuds.

According to his girlfriend and associates, Foolio was celebrating his birthday when the fatal incident occurred. 

Throughout the day, Foolio's Instagram stories showed him sharing his location with his followers, an act that some speculate may have contributed to the tragic outcome. 

Foolio’s girlfriend speaks/confirms the reports that Foolio has been sh*t & k*lled:

His initial party was reportedly shut down by police, prompting him and his friends to relocate.

In the early hours of the morning, around 4:40 AM, news reports confirmed that a sh**ting took place in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn in Tampa. 

Four people in two separate cars were sh*t, with three surviving the attack. Unfortunately, Foolio was not among the survivors. 

It was reported that Foolio had been kicked out of his Airbnb and had switched locations, which led him to the Holiday Inn parking lot.

As we await further details, WhatsOnRap will continue to update this story with new information as it becomes available. 

Our thoughts are with Foolio's family and friends during this difficult time.