Foxy Brown Considered Key Witness in Alleged 2Pac M*rder Trial

Foxy Brown May Testify in Tupac Shakur M*rder Trial

Foxy Brown Considered Key Witness in 2Pac Murder Trial

In an ongoing development surrounding the murder of rap legend 2Pac, Foxy Brown is reportedly being considered as a pivotal witness for the upcoming trial.

According to recent reports from The U.S. Sun, prosecutors are seeking Foxy's testimony, believing she holds crucial evidence regarding the whereabouts of Keefe D, who denies being in Las Vegas the night of 2Pac's murder.

Keefe D, whose real name is Duane Davis, has consistently refuted claims of his presence in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. 

However, the Clark County District Attorney’s office is compiling a list of witnesses they believe can corroborate evidence that the former Crip gang member was indeed in Sin City.

Foxy Brown Could Witness in 2Pac Murder Trial

It's reported that Foxy allegedly encountered Keefe D in Las Vegas and interacted with him before the tragic shooting incident involving 2Pac later that night.

In his book "Compton Street Legend," Keefe D admitted to meeting Foxy on the night of 2Pac's murder but later retracted his statements, asserting that any claims he made regarding the late rapper's murder were false.

Prosecutors are said to be in discussions with Foxy in an effort to persuade her to testify at the trial.

Originally scheduled to commence last week, Keefe D's trial for the murder of 2Pac has been postponed until November 4. 

The delay comes as a result of Keefe D's new legal representation requesting additional time to review all discovery materials pertaining to the case.

Additionally, the 60-year-old is seeking to post bail, which has been set at $750,000. If successful, a judge has ruled that Keefe D can serve house arrest with an ankle monitor until the trial proceedings begin.

The involvement of Foxy Brown as a potential witness adds a new layer of complexity to the high-profile case, which continues to captivate the attention of both the hip-hop community and the wider public.

As the trial date approaches, the anticipation surrounding the proceedings intensifies, with many eager to see how Foxy Brown's testimony, if provided, will impact the outcome of the trial and shed further light on the events surrounding the tragic loss of 2Pac.

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