Joe Budden on Akademiks reporting on Drake: 'I want Ak to stop announcing things about Drake'

Joe Budden Urges DJ Akademiks to Stop Covering Drake's News

Joe Budden Calls Out DJ Akademiks Over Bias in Drake Reporting

Joe Budden, a prominent figure in hip-hop media known for his controversial opinions and past as a rapper, has once again sparked debate with his recent comments on Akademiks' coverage of Drake

Budden, often labeled as both a critic and a cynic in the industry, raised valid concerns about Akademiks' journalistic integrity, particularly when it comes to reporting on the Canadian rapper Drake. 

During a recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, Budden commended DJ Akademiks for his skills in journalism but expressed reservations about the way he delivers Drake-related news. 

He pointed to a specific incident during the NBA Finals where Akademiks made allegations against Kendrick Lamar. 

Budden acknowledged the merit in Akademiks' reporting but cautioned that any news involving Drake might be perceived through a biased lens due to Akademiks' close ties with the artist. 

Budden highlighted Akademiks' relationship with Drake as a central issue. 

He referenced instances where Akademiks shared private messages from Drake during his feud with Kendrick Lamar, even being featured on Drake's diss track "Push Ups." 

Budden emphasized that such actions could be interpreted as Akademiks acting as a mouthpiece for Drake rather than an impartial journalist.

Joe Budden went on to urge DJ Akademiks to refrain from being overly vocal in promoting Drake's interests. 

"Ak is the mouthpiece," Budden stated, suggesting that Akademiks' involvement in Drake's news dissemination might compromise its credibility. 

He expressed a preference for Drake's releases to be surprises rather than pre-announced by Akademiks, which, in Budden's view, alters fans' perceptions. 

"As a Drake fan, I want Ak to stop announcing things about Drake... The Drake releases are much better as a surprise. Anything with Ak reporting it, it just looked a way."

Joe Budden Urges DJ Akademiks to Refrain from Reporting on Drake:

Closing his remarks, Budden reassured listeners that despite his critique, he holds respect for DJ Akademiks. 

This critique from Budden underscores ongoing debates within hip-hop circles about the role of media personalities and their relationship with artists, particularly when reporting on sensitive or contentious topics. 

Joe Budden's candid assessment of DJ Akademiks' coverage of Drake reflects broader concerns about journalistic independence and integrity in hip-hop media. 

As the industry continues to evolve, discussions around transparency and bias will remain crucial in shaping how fans perceive news and developments within their favorite artists' careers.