Julio Foolio's Mother Plans to Honor His Legacy with a Documentary Post-M*rder

Julio Foolio's Mother Reveals Plans for Documentary After His Tragic De*th

Sandrikas Announces Documentary on Late Rapper Julio Foolio

Julio Foolio’s mother, Sandrikas, has announced her plans to produce a documentary about her late son, following his tragic de*th. 

In an emotional Instagram post, Sandrikas, who is also a nurse, shared her determination to tell the authentic story of her son’s life and demise.

Sandrikas wrote:

“RIP Son … Charles Jones II ‘Foolio'[.] The ‘Real’ Life Story Documentary Coming Soon. The story that only I can tell because I know the Truths from the Fakes, I think Im the ‘ONLY’ mother that keep it Real while MOST others know dam well what was going on with their OWN sons, this been going on since 2014-2015.” 

She also addressed the hypocrisy she perceives in some people’s reactions, stating,

“Some of these same women ‘Celebrating’ your de*th is some of the same Women looked up to me, sitting in my building I was their TEACHER and they were my STUDENTS at a Big Grown Age taking notes, not lets forget that!!! The same women that was buying your CDs for their kids, lets not forget that!!!"

Sandrikas expressed her gratitude to those who supported Foolio’s career from a young age, particularly those who helped him when he moved to Atlanta at 17.

“I do wanna THANK those who believed in him at the age of 17when he moved to ATL @rapcoalition, @zaytovenbeatz, especially @thuggerthugger1, and others who had a impact on his career."

Julio Foolio's Mother Announces Post-M*rder Documentary to Honor Late Rapper:

Foolio’s life was tragically cut short in what appeared to be an ambush while he was celebrating his 26th birthday in Tampa, Florida. 

The incident occurred in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn, where Foolio was fatally sh*t, and others were injured. As of now, no suspects have been identified, and the motive remains unclear.

As fans await the release of this documentary, it stands as a testament to a mother’s love and her commitment to preserving her son’s legacy. 

It also highlights the complex reality of life in the rap industry, where success and danger often coexist.

The hip-hop world continues to mourn Foolio’s loss, but through this documentary, his story will live on, offering insights and reflections on his life and career. 

Sandrikas’s initiative is not just about honoring her son but also about providing a deeper understanding of his experiences and the challenges he faced.