WATCH: Kendrick Lamar Stuns KIA Forum With "Not Like Us" Performance After Dr. Dre's Hilarious Intro

Kendrick Lamar Rocks KIA Forum With Electrifying "Not Like Us" Performance Introduced by Dr. Dre: ''I See De*d People''

Kendrick Lamar's Debut of "Not Like Us" with Dr. Dre's Iconic Intro Stuns KIA Forum Crowd

Kendrick Lamar's recent performance at the KIA Forum in Los Angeles was nothing short of iconic, especially amidst his ongoing feud with Drake, which has kept fans eagerly anticipating his next move. 

Known for his prowess in delivering impactful diss tracks, Kendrick didn't disappoint as he took the stage to perform two of the most talked-about songs from the beef: "Euphoria" and "Not Like Us."

The evening kicked off with "Euphoria," setting the tone with its powerful lyrics and electrifying energy that resonated through the venue. 

Fans were treated to a stellar performance that showcased Kendrick's lyrical prowess and stage presence, leaving no doubt about why he remains a dominant force in hip-hop.

However, it was Kendrick's debut performance of 'Not Like Us' that truly stole the show. Introduced with a gripping intro by Dr. Dre, who set the stage with the iconic line, 'I See De*d People,' the atmosphere was charged with anticipation.

''I See De*d People'': Dr. Dre Intros Kendrick Lamar's Powerful ''Not Like Us'' at KIA Forum

 For many in attendance, this track has already become synonymous with the summer of 2024, capturing the essence of Kendrick's artistry and his ability to captivate audiences with every verse.

Since the announcement of Kendrick's "Pop Out" show weeks ago, fans had eagerly awaited this moment. 

The decision to perform "Not Like Us" live was a highlight that will be etched in the memories of those present. 

Kendrick's delivery was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing his versatility as an artist willing to push boundaries and deliver tracks that resonate deeply with his audience.

To further delight his fans, Kendrick also surprised with a rendition of "6:16 In LA," a track that added another layer of excitement to an already exhilarating evening. 

This unexpected performance underscored Kendrick's ability to curate a setlist that both satisfies expectations and surprises with its depth and diversity.

As the night concluded, the echoes of Kendrick Lamar's performance lingered, leaving fans and critics alike buzzing with admiration for his artistry and the impact of his music. 

With each track, Kendrick reaffirmed his status as not just a rapper, but a cultural icon whose influence continues to shape the landscape of hip-hop.