MGK Reignites Eminem Feud, Asserts: "He Did Not Win"

Machine Gun Kelly Rehashes Eminem Beef, Says He Did Not Win

Machine Gun Kelly has once again sparked controversy by reigniting his long-standing feud with Eminem.

This time, the drama unfolded in the comments section of a YouTube review by Scru Face Jean, a well-known YouTuber who recently reviewed MGK's latest track, "BMXXing."

MGK seized the opportunity to challenge the widely held belief that Eminem emerged victorious in their past beef, setting the stage for another heated debate among fans.

In his review, Scru Face Jean drew parallels between "BMXXing" and the work of the late Mac Miller, praising MGK's efforts but ultimately siding with Eminem in their infamous feud. He stated:

Now, there’s some people who already wrote MGK off. There is the most extreme Eminem fans and Stans who will never like this ni–a just because he went into a battle against Eminem which I don’t understand because I respect people who go into battles. Eminem won. I got Eminem winning but MGK really stood up and fought. There is a lot of people who were afraid to say something about Em so I gotta respect him for that.

- Scru Face Jean

MGK Stirs Up Old Eminem Beef, Insists: "He Did Not Win"

While Scru gave Eminem the edge, he acknowledged MGK's bravery and effort in the battle. 

However, MGK wasn't content with this assessment. He responded directly to Scru's video, offering insights into the locations where "BMXXing" was filmed and then dropping a bombshell:

to where it was shot: in cleveland on CSU staircase and another spot on the west side of the city. and the pool – i just emptied it in my backyard.
also, he didn’t win.


MGK's bold statement reignited the debate, with fans quickly taking sides. 

Some applauded MGK for his unwavering confidence and tenacity, while others criticized him for what they perceived as delusion.

The comment section quickly filled with passionate arguments, reflecting the intensity of this long-standing rap rivalry.

The beef between MGK and Eminem dates back several years, with both artists releasing diss tracks aimed at each other. 

Eminem's "Killshot" and MGK's "Rap Devil" remain iconic tracks in the history of rap feuds. Despite the passage of time, it seems the wounds from this battle have not fully healed, as evidenced by MGK's recent comments.