Polo G’s Mother Stacia Mac Allegedly Caught Sh**ting At Her Daughter in Shocking Video

Viral Footage Shows Polo G's Mother Allegedly Sh**ting At Her Own Daughter

Polo G's Mother Stacia Mac Allegedly Fires Warning Sh*ts at Daughter in Viral Footage

Earlier today, a viral camera footage captured a shocking incident involving Stacia Mac, Polo G’s mother, and her daughter, Leilani

The video shows Stacia exiting her home with a firearm and firing several sh*ts. 

Stacia addressed the situation on her Instagram Story, asserting that she did not intend to harm her daughter. Instead, she claimed that the sh*ts were warning sh*ts to encourage Leilani to leave the property.

Watch: Disturbing Video Surfaces Of Polo G’s Mom Allegedly Fires Shots at Daughter

The situation escalated when Stacia accused Leilani of leaking the footage. 

Stacia explained that she had sent the video to Leilani’s father after Leilani allegedly lied about the number of sh*ts fired. " I sent it to her dad because she lied to him and said I sh*t at her 16 times" Stacia wrote.

Leilani refuted this accusation, stating that the footage was leaked by friends of Stacia. "How can I leak a video from someone’s personal ring camera that only they have access to?” she asked on Twitter.

 “Someone I’m not contact with? After two months? YOU personally sent the video out thinking it was funny and your homies leaked it to the blogs! Take accountability!!!!"

This incident has generated widespread concern and discussion online. Many are worried about the severe escalation of what appears to be a family dispute. 

While Stacia claims the sh*ts were only meant as a warning, the video has raised serious questions about the appropriateness of her actions and the potential risks involved.

Leilani has reassured her followers that she is safe after the frightening ordeal. Despite the turmoil, she expressed her gratitude for the support she has received from friends and fans. 

This incident has brought to light the significant stress and conflict within families, particularly those in the public eye.

The incident involving Stacia and Leilani Mac is a stark reminder of the potential for private family matters to become public spectacles, especially when high-profile individuals are involved. 

As more information becomes available, the hip-hop community and fans will undoubtedly continue to watch closely, hoping for a resolution that ensures the safety and well-being of all parties involved.