Ray J Claims Diddy Needs Exorcism Over Alleged 'Dominic' Assault on Cassie Ventura

Watch: Diddy Accused of "Demonic" Assault by Ray J, Who Calls for Exorcism

Ray J Condemns Diddy's Assault on Cassie, Calls for Exorcism: "Unforgettable" Incident Sparks Outrage

Ray J, in a candid interview with The Art of Dialogue, has delivered scathing remarks directed at Sean "Diddy" Combs, suggesting the mogul requires an "exorcism" following the disturbing leaked video of his physical assault on Cassie Ventura.

Expressing his profound disappointment, Ray J condemned Combs' actions captured in the 2016 footage, where he was seen striking and kicking Ventura in a Los Angeles hotel. 

The singer, who has a longstanding relationship with Combs, emphasized the gravity of the incident, labeling it as "unforgettable" and unequivocally unacceptable.

Asserting that such behavior cannot be tolerated, Ray J expressed his personal loss of respect for Combs, signaling a potential end to their friendship. 

He emphasized the severity of the assault, drawing a clear line on the expectations of conduct, especially from influential figures within the industry.

While acknowledging the possibility of forgiveness on a spiritual level, Ray J underscored the indelible impact of Combs' actions, stressing that they cannot be taken lightly. 

Describing the video as "heartbreaking and shameful," he called for immediate intervention, suggesting that Combs requires an "Exorcism" to address the apparent demons driving such behavior.

It’s not and it’s not something that ni**as can just take lightly. You cannot do that. Not OK. It’s not cool. Period. [The video] was heartbreaking and shameful and unacceptable I’ve never seen nothing like that. I’ve never seen nothing like that in the history of my life, so that’s a new [one] for me. I don’t know what kind of demon you are, but somebody need to muthaf**kin’ perform an exorcism fast.

- Ray J

Ray J Speaks Out: Diddy's Actions Toward Cassie Ventura Labeled "Demonic," Exorcism Recommended

Looking ahead, Ray J predicted a tarnished reputation for Combs within the entertainment industry, despite his financial security. 

He suggested that the incident would result in Combs being ostracized by his peers, with his membership in the industry's elite revoked.

Ray J's outspoken condemnation highlights the broader conversation surrounding accountability and integrity within the music industry. 

As the fallout from the leaked video continues, his remarks serve as a stark reminder of the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions, regardless of their status or influence.

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