Snoop Dogg Declares Kendrick Lamar 'King of the West' After Epic Pop-Out Concert

Snoop Dogg Praises Kendrick Lamar’s Pop Out Concert, Crowns Him 'King of the West'

Snoop Dogg Declares Kendrick Lamar ‘King of the West’ After Unifying Pop Out Concert

Kendrick Lamar's "Pop Out" concert in Los Angeles on Juneteenth is set to be one of 2024's most significant hip-hop events. 

The excitement it generated on the West Coast hints at its potential to be a major cultural highlight of the year. Recently, one of Los Angeles' legendary figures, Snoop Dogg, gave his endorsement of the concert. 

Despite being in Canada, which is currently the domain of Kendrick’s rival Drake, Snoop made sure to send a warm message to the Compton artist. 

Notably, Tha Doggfather avoided any mention of the ongoing feud, instead focusing on the unity and importance of the event.

Snoop began his message:

Top of the morning, Big Snoop Dogg coming at you live from Canada. Sending a big shoutout to K.Dot and all the homies from the West that stood together, unified, organized, in peace [and] love. That was beautiful, that was fun to watch. Beautiful to see all of my peoples coming together. And, um, K.Dot... you are the king of the west. That's the kind of s**t kings do: we unite. We bring our peoples together.

- Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Crowns Kendrick Lamar as 'King of the West' Post-Pop Out Performance:

The concert saw an impressive lineup of West Coast artists, with Kendrick Lamar leading the charge. 

The event celebrated unity and showcased the rich talent of the region. Snoop’s endorsement emphasized the positive impact and cultural significance of the gathering.

Snoop Dogg’s absence from the concert led to speculation about his stance in the ongoing beef between Kendrick and Drake. 

However, in his latest video, Snoop made it clear that his loyalty lies with those who have shown him loyalty.

Snoop’s message highlighted the importance of unity within the hip-hop community, especially in times of conflict. 

By focusing on the positive aspects of the “Pop Out” concert, Snoop reinforced the idea that hip-hop is about bringing people together and celebrating shared culture and experiences. 

Kendrick Lamar’s performance, along with the support of West Coast legends like Snoop Dogg, underscores the enduring strength and influence of West Coast hip-hop.

The “Pop Out” concert not only showcased Kendrick Lamar’s talent but also served as a reminder of the power of unity in the hip-hop community. 

With Snoop Dogg’s endorsement, the event has been solidified as a historic moment for West Coast hip-hop, highlighting the importance of coming together in peace and love to celebrate the art form that has given so much to so many.