Soulja Boy Revives Meek Mill Beef with Controversial 'No Diddy' Remarks

Soulja Boy Reignites Feud with Meek Mill Using "No Diddy" Jokes

Soulja Boy's Instagram Live Sparks New Drama with Meek Mill and Diddy

Soulja Boy has reignited his feud with Meek Mill and Diddy, continuing his streak of controversial remarks. 

During an Instagram Live session over the weekend, Soulja Boy joked about himself and a friend wearing identical hoodies. This led him to make a pointed comment aimed at Meek Mill and Diddy.

“This n**a got the same hoodie, no Diddy, man. I ain’t on that Meek Mill-Diddy sh*t," Soulja Boy declared.

"I ain’t on no Diddy sh*t, man. He just so happened to get the same hoodie I got. I ain’t on that Diddy sh*t, bro. I ain’t f*cking with that Diddy sht. No Diddy, n*a. On my momma. Everybody say, ‘No Diddy.'”

Soulja Boy Stirs Controversy by Reviving Diddy and Meek Mill Rumors:

The animosity between Soulja Boy and Meek Mill has been brewing for weeks, with both rappers exchanging insults on social media. 

In a recently deleted post, Meek Mill commented, “Soulja if you say you’re gonna smoke somebody and they see you and actually smoke you it’s self-defence… y’all losing touch of reality for some likes and clout insane.”

Soulja Boy quickly retorted with, “Didn’t Diddy f*ck u in the a*s?” This comment referenced longstanding rumors about Diddy, particularly those brought up in a lawsuit by producer Lil Rod. 

The lawsuit alleges that Diddy once boasted about having a relationship with a Philadelphia rapper. 

Diddy, who is facing multiple lawsuits with allegations of se*ual misconduct, has denied all the claims. However, he did issue an apology for an incident involving Cassie in a video published by CNN last month.

The beef between Soulja Boy and Meek Mill has added a new layer of drama to the hip-hop world. Soulja Boy's provocative comments are a reminder of his flair for controversy and his willingness to stir the pot.

As for Diddy, he has remained relatively silent on the matter, focusing on his legal battles and public image. 

The hip-hop mogul is no stranger to controversy, but the recent wave of allegations and the ensuing drama with Soulja Boy and Meek Mill have put him back in the spotlight for reasons he'd likely prefer to avoid.

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