The Game Addresses Absence and Beef Speculation After Missing Kendrick Lamar's Show

The Game Responds to Criticism and Beef Rumors After Missing Kendrick Lamar's Concert

The Game Clears the Air on Missing Kendrick Lamar's Pop Out Concert

The Game, a renowned West Coast rapper who dominated the Compton scene in the 2000s, played a significant role in mentoring rising stars from his hometown. 

However, his absence from Kendrick Lamar's monumental "Pop Out" show on Juneteenth did not go unnoticed. Fans quickly remarked on the lack of acknowledgment for The Game, sparking rumors of a rift between the two iconic rappers. 

To address the speculation, The Game took to Instagram Live the following day.

During his live session, The Game expressed his admiration for Kendrick Lamar's performance.

The Game stated, assuring fans that he has no problem with Lamar or TDE as a label. 

The rapper actually claimed that he was given the chance to invest in TDE when the label was starting out:

Kendrick did his sh*t, and what he did last night was amazing for the West Coast, I sat back and I watched it. I ain't have to be there to think that the muthaf**king sh*t was cool. It's a dub for the coast. [Anthony] Top Dawg [Tiffith] wanted to give me half of Top Dawg. I didn't want nothing from n**gas. I just wanted to push n**gas in the right direction.

- The Game

The Game Roasted for Missing Kendrick Lamar's "Pop Out" Concert, Clarifies Beef Rumors Following "Pop Out" No-Show:

The Game dismissed the gossip and speculation surrounding his absence. He voiced his frustration with the rumors circulating on social media.

Stop speculating and doing all that goofy sh*t, Muthaf**kas in my DM, all these blog sites talking about 'the West Coast ain't f**king with you and you ain't this and you ain't that. I be in my own lane, chilling. Taking care of my kids.

- The Game

The Game’s live session aimed to put an end to the rumors and reaffirm his support for Kendrick Lamar and the West Coast rap scene. 

Despite his absence from the "Pop Out" show, The Game made it clear that he remains a significant figure in the industry, contributing to the success of other artists and maintaining his legacy in the hip-hop community.