The Weeknd Chats with 10-Year-Old AI Generated Version of Himself

The Weeknd Meets AI-Generated Younger Self

The Weeknd Has an Imaginative Chat with His 10-Year-Old AI Self

The Weeknd recently engaged in a thought-provoking interview with a fictional 10-year-old version of himself, created using OpenAI technology. 

This innovative interview was conducted for 032c in collaboration with SSENSE, featuring an experimental format and photoshoot, with The Weeknd's image generated by Harmony Korine's EDGLRD, the same technology used in Korine's 2023 film AGGRO DR1FT.

The Weeknd's Interview with His 10-Year-Old AI Version: Watch

The concept behind revisiting his past was inspired by a dream The Weeknd had. He described the dream as not a nightmare, but rather a surreal experience where he found himself locked out of his childhood home. 

Reflecting on this dream, he realized it was urging him to reconnect with his past and rediscover his roots.

During the interview, the younger and older versions of The Weeknd engaged in a playful exchange about their favorite cartoons. 

The younger Abel Tesfaye revealed his love for classics like Tom & Jerry, Dragon Ball Z, South Park, and The Simpsons, the latter of which he later appeared in. On the other hand, the present-day Tesfaye expressed his preference for Daria, Duckman, and King of the Hill.

The conversation also turned towards creative aspirations. Young Abel Tesfaye shared his ambitious idea of creating a future cartoon titled "Adventures in Daydreams: The Abel Chronicles.

In contrast, his older self proposed a concept akin to the 2006 fantasy film Pan's Labyrinth, suggesting it as the "ultimate escape from reality."

However, amidst the insightful conversation, The Weeknd couldn't help but notice that his younger self had a tendency to use the word "superpower" frequently. 

This observation came up after a brief discussion about laughter. 

Overall, the interview provided a fascinating glimpse into The Weeknd's creative process and his introspective journey into the past, offering fans a unique perspective on the renowned pop star's inner world and imaginative visions.