Who is Enchanting? Formerly Signed to Gucci Mane's 1017 Record Label - Age, Real Name, Career, and More

Everything You Need to Know About the Late Female Rapper Enchanting: How Did She Pass Away, Facts, Net Worth, and More

The Journey of Enchanting: From Rising Star to Music Icon

Who is Enchanting?

Enchanting, born Channing Nicole Larry, captivated audiences with her distinctive sound and magnetic presence. 

Her journey from a military upbringing to becoming a budding music sensation is nothing short of remarkable.

Early Life

Where did Enchanting's journey begin, and what shaped her path?

Luv Enchanting's story began in Germany, where her father's military service stationed the family. 

Later settling in Atlanta, Georgia, Enchanting explored various interests, including cheerleading and athletics. 

However, it was her discovery of music that ignited her passion and set her on an extraordinary path.


How did Enchanting make her mark in the music industry?

Enchanting's music career commenced with independent releases that showcased her raw talent. 

Recognizing her potential, she caught the attention of major record labels, leading to a pivotal signing with 1017 Records, under the guidance of rap luminary Gucci Mane

In 2020, Enchanting released her debut album, "Dreams," a testament to her artistry and collaborative spirit, featuring industry heavyweights.

Net Worth

What is the financial standing of Enchanting's career?

As of 2024, Enchanting's net worth stands at an estimated $500,000, according to WikiOfCelebs, reflecting her growing success and industry influence.

Before Fame

What were Enchanting's endeavors before achieving musical stardom?

Before immersing herself in music, Enchanting explored diverse career paths, including cheerleading, athletics, and a stint in the beauty industry, showcasing her multifaceted talents and relentless pursuit of success.

Family Life

What role did family play in Enchanting's life and career?

Cherishing her roots and familial connections, Enchanting, born Channing Nicole Larry, drew strength and inspiration from her close-knit family, grounding her amidst the whirlwind of the music industry.

Cause Of Death

What Was Late Rapper Enchanting's Cause of Death?

Rapper Enchanting tragically passed away after her life support was turned off following a stay in the hospital. 

According to a statement given to The Shade Room, a representative from her management revealed that the 26-year-old artist was suffering from drug withdrawals and had overdosed. 

Her untimely death has left fans and the music community mourning the loss of a talented young star.


What legacy did Enchanting leave behind in the music world?

Enchanting's untimely departure left a profound impact on the music industry, yet her legacy endures through her groundbreaking sound and unwavering passion. 

As her music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, Enchanting's memory remains etched in the hearts of fans and fellow artists, a testament to her enduring influence.

FAQ's About Late Rapper Enchanting:

1. Did rapper Enchanting pass away?
Yes, rapper Enchanting passed away.

2. Is Enchanting still signed to Gucci?
As of the latest information available, No, Enchanting was signed to Gucci Mane's record label, 1017 Records, But not anymore.

3. Where is rapper Enchanting from?
Rapper Enchanting was born in Germany but later settled in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

4. How did the rapper Enchanting pass away?
Rapper Enchanting passed away after being taken off life support.

5. What happened with Enchanting the Rapper?
Enchanting the Rapper passed away after being taken off life support.

6. When did Enchanting start rapping?
Enchanting began her career in music as a rapper at a young age.

7. Why was Enchanting on Life Support before passing away?
Enchanting was on life support before passing away due to undisclosed reasons.

8. What is the age of the rapper Enchanting?
Enchanting was 26 years old at the time of her passing.

9. Is Enchanting alive?
No, Enchanting is not alive.

10. What is Enchanting's net worth?
Enchanting's net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

11. Did Enchanting overdose?
There is no information available indicating that Enchanting passed away due to an overdose.

12. What is the real name of the rapper Enchanting?
The real name of the rapper Enchanting is Channing Nicole Larry.

13. What are the height and weight measurements of the rapper Enchanting?
The late rapper has kept her height and weight measurements private. However, judging by her appearance, she is believed to stand between 5 and 6 feet tall.

14. What was the most popular song by the rapper Enchanting?
Enchanting is known for her hit songs "Track & Field" and "No Luv."

15. Who Is Enchanting's Boyfriend?
Enchanting is allegedly dating MotionGod Bandman.