Young Thug's Attorney Brian Steel Returns to Court After Brief Arrest for Contempt in YSL RICO Trial

Young Thug's Attorney Brian Steel Held in Contempt During YSL RICO Trial

Brian Steel Back in Court After Controversial Arrest During YSL RICO Trial

Brian Steel has made a return to court following a dramatic turn of events during the ongoing YSL RICO trial earlier today. 

In a parallel development, his wife, Collette Steel, has filed a notice of appeal in relation to the court order.

According to reports, Steel allegedly accused both Judge Ural Glanville and the state of attempting to coerce witnesses. 

Additionally, he claimed to possess evidence to support his allegations but was apprehended before he could present it.

Young Thug's Lawyer Arrested, Accused of Witness Intimidation, Then Returns to Court: 

Young Thug's Attorney Brian Steel Returns to Court:

Steel was reportedly incensed over a private conversation that allegedly took place between the judge, prosecutors, and one of the state’s star witnesses before the court date.

When Glanville questioned Steel about how he obtained the information, the attorney remained silent. 

Consequently, the judge held him in contempt of court. Glanville stated,:

"You got some information you shouldn’t have gotten, You’re not supposed to have communication with a witness who’s been sworn."

The witness in question is Kenneth Copeland, who recently spent a weekend in jail after reversing his decision to testify in the trial. 

He had previously agreed to an immunity deal contingent on his willingness to take the stand.

“How about the witness, how about Mr. Copeland, who supposedly announced that he’s not testifying and he’ll sit for two years and, supposedly this honorable court, or let me rephrase that, this court, said I can hold you until the end of this trial,” Steel inquired.

His tone escalated from there as he argued, "If that’s true, what this is, is coercion, witness intimidation, and ex parte communications that we have a constitutional right to be present for."

“I still want to know, how did you come upon this information,” Glanville reiterated. “Who told you?” He later added, "You don’t get to extort the court. It doesn’t work that way.”

Brian Steel’s bold accusations and subsequent arrest during the YSL RICO trial have once again brought attention to the already high-profile case. 

As the legal proceedings continue, the courtroom drama shows no signs of abating, with implications for both the legal team and the prosecution.

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