Adam22 Faces Backlash After Interviewing Pop Smoke's Alleged K*ller

Pop Smoke Fans Furious Over Adam22's Interview with Rapper's Alleged K*ller

Adam22 Faces Backlash After Interviewing Pop Smoke's Alleged K*ller

Family and friends of Pop Smoke continue to grapple with his tragic loss, even four years later. 

Recently, the distressing news emerged that one of the late rapper's k*llers, known as Blockstar, was released from juvenile detention after serving four years. 

His release coincided with his 21st birthday, sparking confusion and outrage among fans and loved ones.

Pop Smoke's Alleged K*ller Claims Robbery Wasn't a Setup in Adam22 Interview: 

The situation took another shocking turn when Adam22 interviewed Blockstar on his No Jumper podcast. 

The interview has quickly gone viral, drawing widespread criticism. In the controversial clip, Adam22 questions Blockstar about the events surrounding Pop Smoke's death.

Watch: Pop Smoke's k*ller revealed that he does not REGRET his action in an interview:

Blockstar remains vague, citing legal reasons, but does confirm that the incident was a robbery, not a setup. He also accused the media of misinterpreting the situation.

During the interview, Adam22 pressed Blockstar on the rumors about a leaked image showing Pop Smoke’s address, which many believed led to the fatal incident. 

Blockstar either couldn't provide clarity or chose not to implicate others involved.

Adam22's Interview with Pop Smoke's Alleged K*ller Draws Heavy Criticism:

This interview has left Pop Smoke’s fans deeply upset. Many feel that giving a platform to an alleged k*ller is insensitive and disrespectful to Pop Smoke's memory and his grieving family. 

The backlash against Adam22 and his No Jumper podcast has been intense, with calls for greater accountability and respect for victims of violence. 

Pop Smoke, born Bashar Barakah Jackson, was a rising star in the rap world, known for hits like "Dior" and "Mood Swings." 

His life was cut short at just 20 years old in a home invasion in Los Angeles. The release of one of his k*llers and the subsequent interview have reopened wounds for those who continue to mourn him. 

The outcry from Pop Smoke’s community underscores the ongoing struggle for justice and the pain that lingers long after such a loss. 

The debate over the ethics of interviewing controversial figures like Blockstar highlights the delicate balance between journalism and respect for victims. 

As the fallout continues, Pop Smoke's legacy as a groundbreaking artist remains strong. His influence on the rap scene endures, and fans continue to honor his memory through his music. 

The recent events serve as a reminder of the profound impact of his life and the deep void left by his untimely death.