Watch: Eminem Drops "Tobey" Video with Big Sean and BabyTron

Eminem's Childhood Home Stars in "Tobey" Video with Big Sean, BabyTron

Eminem Returns to Detroit Roots in "Tobey" Video ft. Big Sean & Babytron

Eminem's latest music video release for "Tobey," featuring Big Sean and Babytron, showcases a nostalgic return to his Detroit roots. 

Directed by Cole Bennett, the video captures the trio in various Detroit locales, including Eminem's childhood home at 19946 Dresden St., famously depicted on the cover of his iconic album, The Marshall Mathers LP.

Eminem's "Tobey" Video Featuring Big Sean and BabyTron Released:

In the visually striking video, Eminem and Babytron are seen around the familiar brown-patina house, with Babytron highlighting his G.O.A.T. status while Em reflects on his journey from humble beginnings. 

The scene sets a poignant backdrop as Eminem raps about inspiring the youth and his enduring legacy, seated on the porch of his former residence.

Adding a dramatic twist, the video takes a cinematic turn towards the end as Eminem, donning a Jason mask, engages in a chainsaw scene, leaving a bloody aftermath. 

This unexpected visual element contrasts sharply with the nostalgic setting, adding layers of intrigue and storytelling to the "Tobey" narrative.

Originally scheduled for a July 5 YouTube debut, the release of "Tobey" was postponed to a later date, building anticipation among fans eagerly awaiting Eminem's upcoming album, The Death of Slim Shady (Coupe de Grâce), slated for release on July 12. 

Produced by a talented team including John Nocito, Daniyel, Carlton McDowell, and Cole Bennett alongside Eminem himself, "Tobey" serves as the album's second single.

The announcement of Eminem's new album came via Dr. Dre on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in March, followed by promotional teasers including a newspaper obituary and a true-crime-themed trailer. 

The album's lead single, "Houdini," dropped to critical acclaim in late May, setting the stage for what promises to be a significant release in Eminem's illustrious career.

As anticipation mounts for The Death of Slim Shady, fans are eager to see how Eminem's latest artistic chapter unfolds, solidifying his place as a rap icon.