Eminem Returns to Historic "The Marshall Mathers LP" House in "Tobey" Video Sneak Peek

Eminem Makes Nostalgic Return to "The Marshall Mathers LP" House in New "Tobey" Music Video Teaser

Eminem Teases "Tobey" Video at Marshall Mathers LP House

Eminem has fans buzzing with excitement for his latest single "Tobey," featuring Big Sean and BabyTron, as the release of his upcoming album, The Death Of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce), approaches next week (Friday, July 12). 

The anticipation is sky-high, but there's a slight hitch—the music video, directed by Cole Bennett in collaboration with Lyrical Lemonade, isn't quite ready yet. 

Despite the delay, Eminem has done his best to keep his loyal followers satisfied by sharing a teaser on social media.

Eminem took to Twitter to address the delay and share a brief clip from the much-anticipated "Tobey" video. "The Tobey video is not completed—new date Monday 7/8," he wrote. "Here’s a peek in the meantime!!! Sorry 4 the delay."

Eminem Revisits Iconic "The Marshall Mathers LP" House in "Tobey" Music Video Teaser:

In the short snippet, BabyTron is seen walking past Eminem, who is seated on the steps of the iconic house featured on the cover of The Marshall Mathers LP and its 2013 sequel. 

This moment is a nostalgic full-circle for the Detroit rap legend, as it ties his past and present together in a powerful visual.

The clip also highlights the camaraderie between Eminem and Big Sean, another prominent Detroit artist. 

Big Sean recently tweeted about his connection to Eminem and how meaningful it is to be featured on The Death Of Slim Shady.

While fans eagerly await the full release of the "Tobey" video, the teaser has certainly built up even more hype for both the single and the upcoming album. 

Eminem's ability to blend nostalgia with fresh collaborations keeps his audience engaged and excited for what's next.

As the release date for The Death Of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce) draws nearer, fans can rest assured that the wait will be worth it. 

With Eminem's dedication to quality and his knack for creating memorable moments, the album and its accompanying visuals are poised to leave a lasting impact on the rap scene. 

Stay tuned for the full "Tobey" video and get ready for another chapter in Eminem's legendary career.