Meek Mill has Reacts To boxer Ryan Garcia’s claim that Lil Wayne gave him permission to use the N-word

Meek Mill Comments on Ryan Garcia's Bold Claim Regarding Lil Wayne's N-Word Pass

Meek Mill Reacts to Ryan Garcia’s Controversial Claim About Lil Wayne and N-Word Usage

Meek Mill has shared his reaction to boxer Ryan Garcia's outrageous claim that Lil Wayne gave him the go-ahead to use the N-word. 

The controversial boxer, who has been making headlines for a series of erratic statements in recent months, caused a stir on Thursday (July 4) with a shocking social media outburst.

During an X Spaces session, Garcia, who is of Mexican descent, used the N-word and made inflammatory remarks about the Ku Klux Klan. 

"I hate n-ggas. I’m anti-Black,” Garcia said. “I’m KKK, n-gga. I hate n-ggas […] Let’s go bring George Floyd back to life and kill that n-gga.” Garcia didn't stop there. On his X account, he posted:

“I love n-ggas” and “Lil Wayne said I can say the N Word.”

Meek Mill took to his Instagram Stories to address Garcia’s posts, questioning the boxer's mental state and the lengths he might go for attention or money.

“Doing anything for money can mess your brain up and now you really broke-n,” Meek wrote. “This life ain’t for everyone it’s cool to be normal and smart!”

Meek Mill Addresses Ryan Garcia's Controversial Lil Wayne N-Word Claim/

Garcia later issued an apology, claiming his comments were meant as "trolling." However, his remarks led to a swift response from the World Boxing Council, which banned him. 

Lil Wayne has not yet responded to Garcia’s claim. This incident highlights the dangers of using racist language and the importance of accountability, even for public figures. 

Meek Mill's response emphasizes the need for mental health awareness and caution against seeking fame at any cost. 

Fans and the boxing community await further developments and Lil Wayne’s potential response to Garcia’s controversial statements. 

The situation serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle against racism and the impact of words in the public sphere. 

As the story unfolds, it will be crucial to see how public figures address such sensitive issues and the consequences for those who cross the line.