Rapper Yeat: Who Is He? His Girlfriend, Net Worth, Album, How He Became Famous, and Tiktok

What We Know About The Famous Rapper Yeat

Rapper Yeat: Who Is He? His Girlfriend, Net Worth, Album, How He Became Famous, and Tiktok
Bio & Early life & Education:

Noah Oliver Smith, known professionally name Yeat, was born on February 26, 2000, in Irvine, California, USA, and is of American origin. He's a rapper and composer who rose to prominence in both the United States and Europe in 2021 after releasing his mixtape "4L," which generated several singles, including "Money Twerk" and "Sorry Bout That"; the tracks were particularly successful on the short video sharing network TikTok.

Yeat was reared in Irvine by his Romanian mother and Mexican father, about whom little is known due to his respect for their privacy; his father is supposed to be a used-car dealer, while his mother is a cleaning lady. 

Most people assume Yeat is an only kid because he has never mentioned having siblings. Yeat did grow up interested in a variety of hobbies, however, hip hop music remained his passion. In his adolescence, he walked away from his family, enrolling in Lakeridge High School in Portland, Oregon.

 During his four years at the school, Yeat was involved in a variety of activities, including acting with the theater club, creative writing, and soccer, but rap remained his primary concentration. After graduating in 2018, he relocated to New York State to seek a career in the music industry, but he quickly relocated to Los Angeles, California.

Rapper Yeat: Who Is He? His Girlfriend, Net Worth, Album, How He Became Famous, and Tiktok
Career as a rapper:

Yeat released his debut songs on the internet in 2015 under the pseudonym Lil Yeat, however, he has since erased all of them for unclear reasons. 

Yeat gained notoriety on July 1, 2018, when his song "Br!nk" was published on the YouTube channel "Elevator"; it has already been seen over 50,000 times. His first mixtape "Deep Blue Strips" was published on September 20, 2018, and the music video for his single "Stay Up" was posted to the YouTube channel "Elevator" on February 21, 2019. 

Social media networks aided Yeat's rise to fame in 2021, particularly his TikTok account, which now has over 500,000 followers and over two million likes on all of his videos combined; the majority of them depict Yeat flaunting his wealth as his music plays in the background.

Yeat is also an Instagram celebrity, with over a million followers despite having only submitted 20 photos to the platform, the majority of which were taken in his daily life. 

On June 11, 2021, Yeat's mixtape "4L" was published, and his fans appreciated putting the songs on it as background music for their TikTok videos. In August 2021, he published his first extended play (EP) "Trendi," and its two singles "Fukit" and "Mad Bout That" became internet sensations; the following month, Yeat released his song "Get Busy," which was an instant smash and was complimented on by notable rappers Lil Yachty and Drake.

 Yeat's debut album "Up 2 Me" was published on September 10, 2021, by Interscope Records, and peaked at #183 on the Billboard 200 Chart. His second album "2 Alive" was released on February 18, 2022, by Geffen Records and Field Trip. 

Yeat’s YouTube channel:

Yeat started up his YouTube channel "Yeat Music" on 7 April 2018, and it now has over 100,000 subscribers and over 10 million views of all his six videos combined, which are all Yeat's music videos for his most famous songs, and we'll mention three of the most-watched amongst all these, which have helped him gain many subscribers.

 Since 29 August 2021, Yeat's most popular video "Gt Busy [Official Music Video]" has been seen over seven million times, while his second most popular video "Mony Twerk [Official Music Vido]" has been viewed over two million times. Since November 1, 2021, Yeat's #3 video "All of it (ft. Yung Kayo) [Official Video]" has been seen about a million times. 

 Yeat's music is immediately identified by his Auto Tune-infused vocals, and he's lately shifted to using 'anger beats'; he's been likened to rappers Young Thug, Future, and Playboi Carti, although Yeat has claimed that Future is his major inspiration.

Love life and girlfriend:

Yeat tends to keep the specifics of his love life hidden from the public, and hasn't talked about any ladies or boys he may have dated; yet, there are different stories circulating the internet about his previous and present relationships, as well as his se*ual orientation.

Some of Yeat's admirers believe he was previously involved with Symone Ryley, a non-celebrity American lady who was highly famous on Instagram before deleting her account for unclear reasons. 

She posted multiple photos of them together on the account and bizarrely (and amusingly) banned those who commented under the photos using Yeat's true name, 'Noah Oliver Smith.' 

They were reportedly dating for around a year. Some of Yeat's admirers believe he is bisexual, stating that he is now dating a non-celebrity American male, although no proof has been offered to back up these claims, and Yeat has not addressed these reports. He appears to be unmarried, hasn't married, and has no children as of February 2022.

Hobbies and other interests:

Yeat is a big enthusiast of fast automobiles, and many of his Instagram photos and videos show him driving one of his costly vehicles (or ones he's hired to show off). Yeat has a distinct fashion sense since he constantly wears a hat or hood.

 Yeat enjoys traveling, and his work as a rapper has led him to several US states, but he has yet to visit internationally; his favorite vacation destination is Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  

Yeat is planning to develop his acting career soon because he is a big fan of Hollywood. Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and Angelina Jolie are among his favorite actors and actresses, while some of his favorite films are "Die Hard," the Fast & Furious trilogy, and "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life."

 Yeat is a dog enthusiast who reportedly owns two pet dogs, and he is claimed to have contributed money to an animal shelter near his house in Los Angeles.

How did Yeat go viral:

The rapper came to popularity with the success of his TikTok track "Sorry Bout That." "I know this song was already turned but here's a bell," he said in the song Get Busy, which went popular on TikTok

Drake, Lil Yatchy, and Playboi Carti are all interested in the 21-year-old rapper. Comedian Druski used the tune in a comedy on his social media channels, sending the sound popular once more. With Up 2 M, Yeat also made it to the Billboard 200. He has two albums and four EPs under his belt despite having only a few years of experience.


Q: What is Yeat's real name?

A: Yeat's real name is Noah Oliver Smith.

Q: How did Yeat start his music career?

A: Yeat began his music career by releasing tracks on SoundCloud, gaining attention for his unique style and lyricism. 

Q: Is Yeat considered an underground rapper?

A: Yes, Yeat is often associated with the underground rap scene.

Q: Can you tell me about Yeat's early life and upbringing?

A: Born on June 25, 1997, in Antioch, California, Yeat grew up in a musical family and started rapping at a young age.

Q: What inspired Yeat to pursue a career in music?

A: Yeat was inspired by his family's musical background and the desire to express himself through his unique sound.

Q: Does Yeat have a girlfriend?

A: As of the latest information available, Yeat's relationship status remains private.

Q: Does Yeat's girlfriend have any presence on social media, and has she been involved in public events with Yeat?

A: Yeat's girlfriend, if he has one, tends to keep a low profile on social media, and public appearances with Yeat are not extensively documented.

Q: What are some of Yeat's most popular songs?

A: Some of Yeat's popular songs include "Sorry Bout That," "Money Twërk," and "GTA."

Q: Has Yeat collaborated with other well-known artists?

A: Yes, Yeat has collaborated with artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti.

Q: How did Yeat gain fame in the music industry?

A: Yeat gained recognition through his consistent releases on SoundCloud, showcasing his distinct style that resonated with listeners.

Q: What is the origin of Yeat's stage name?

A: The origin of Yeat's stage name is not publicly disclosed.

Q: Is Yeat affiliated with any music labels?

A: Yeat is associated with 4Hunnid Records, a label founded by rapper YG.

Q: Can you provide details about Yeat's discography?

A: Yeat's discography includes mixtapes like "Up 2 Më" and "Up 2 Më 2."

Q: Has Yeat won any awards for his music?

A: As of now, Yeat hasn't received any major music awards.

Q: What is Yeat's signature style in his music?

A: Yeat's signature style is characterized by melodic beats, unique flow, and introspective lyrics.

Q: Are there any upcoming projects or albums from Yeat?

A: Information about Yeat's upcoming projects may be available on his official channels.

Q: How does Yeat engage with his fans on social media?

A: Yeat engages with fans through Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud, sharing updates, snippets, and interacting with followers.

Q: What challenges did Yeat face on his journey to success?

A: Details about specific challenges in Yeat's journey to success are not extensively documented.

Q: Does Yeat have any plans to tour or perform live?

A: Tour plans and live performances may be announced on Yeat's official platforms.

Q: What are the most searched questions about Yeat on Google?

A: Google searches for Yeat often include queries about his age, songs, and collaborations.

Q: Is Yeat in a relationship currently?

A: Yeat's current relationship status is not publicly disclosed.

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