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21 Savage Says ‘I Don’t Feel Like We’ll Ever Recover’ While Speaking On Takeoff’s Murder & Young Thug’s YSL RICO Trial

Atlanta is still hurting over the loss of TakeOff and Young Thug's probable prison term in the YSL RICO case, according to 21 Savage.

After being selected Complex's Rapper of the Year for 2022, the "A Lot" rapper spoke with Jordan Rose on the present gap felt all through city.

“You can feel a lot of energy missing from Atlanta right now,” he said. “Atlanta just ain’t the same, honestly. That shit be really driving me crazy. I feel like we took a lot of big ass losses last year.

“I don’t feel like we’ll ever recover from that shit, if I’m being honest. Especially with TakeOff. I feel like we’re just in a dark place right now in Atlanta, as far as our energy. Going outside ain’t the same, clubs ain’t the same, you just feel it.”

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The Slaughter Gang leader said that certain people in the society, such as TakeOff, who was shot and died outside a Houston bowling alley in November, or Thugger, who is on trial for his life, are just unreplaceable.

“I feel like certain people, when you lose them or they’re not physically able to be present, certain people just aren’t replaceable,” 21 continued.

“There’s nothing you can do to fill that void. I really don’t think there’s nothing we can do for real, but hold on to what we have left and cherish what we have left.”

Thugger is currently in the early phases of the YSL RICO case, in which he faces eight accusations.

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