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50 Cent Reacts To Viral Clip Of “In Da Club” Playing At Ja Rule’s Concert

50 Cent reportedly responded to a viral video that showed his popular song "In Da Club" playing before Ja Rule appeared on stage at a performance last month.

The G-Unit Records owner responded to Twitter on Tuesday (January 10) after hearing about the video, which showed a throng watching Ja's staff set up the stage while "In Da Club" boomed out in the venue. 50 wasted no time in making a joke about the circumstance and reveling in its embarrassment.

The Queens legend expressed regret for not being present at the tragedy that night. "LOL Now this is some funny shit," 50 tweeted. "I wish I had something to do in it http://gunitbrands.com."

While 50's 2003 hit started through the venue's speakers, the Murder Inc. rapper was about to take the stage at Power 106.9's Jingle Jam at the Baxter Arena in Omaha, Nebraska, in December.

Members of Ja's team ran around the stage in one video that went viral, attempting to halt the song. "Stop the show right here," one guy yelled, while another said, "Aye, cut that shit off!"

Another fan hailed 50 Cent's triumph in his long-running fight with Ja Rule while relishing the occasion in another video.

“Only in Omaha they gon’ play 50 at Ja Rule shit,” the fan said as “In Da Club” boomed throughout the arena. “They trying to get it cut off right now… That n-gga 50’s still winning!”